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Managed Care Entity Disclosure Requirements

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that each state collect and post on its website certain ownership and control information about its Managed Care Entities (MCEs).

MassHealth uses two forms to capture this ownership and control information.

The Federally Required Disclosure Form for Entities (Entity FRDF) is a form MassHealth created for MCEs and certain other entities who provide MassHealth services to provide submit federally required disclosures. MassHealth providers, MCEs, fiscal agents, and other disclosing entities seeking to provide MassHealth services must disclose information about business ownership and control, business transactions, and criminal convictions. Disclosures include all relevant tax identification numbers (TINs), such as social security number (SSN) or federal employer identification number (FEIN), to ensure proper administration of the MassHealth program. These requirements are set forth in 42 CFR § 438.608 and §§ 455.100-106. MassHealth MCE contracts also require MassHealth MCEs and their material subcontractors to complete and submit Entity FRDFs.

The Managed Care Entity Disclosure of Ownership and Control Information Addendum (Addendum) is a form that MassHealth created to collect information that will be publicly available on its website. MassHealth is required to post on its website certain information about MCE ownership and control. These requirements are set forth in 42 CFR § 438.602(g)(3).

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