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MassBays Programs and Projects

MassBays' work focuses on estuaries in Ipswich Bay, Massachusetts Bay, and Cape Cod Bay.

MassBays' mission is to enable and support the gathering of information to provide a strong scientific basis for management decisions. Guided by the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, or "Blueprint for the Bays," MassBays strives to provide technical support and scientific information to local and regional efforts to improve the health of our estuaries and the livelihood of communities dependent upon them.

MassBays funds research and monitoring projects through our Healthy Estuaries Grant Program, and partners with various entities to carry out research and monitoring around the Bays.

Over the summer, MassBays produced a free, outdoor Science Walk. Visitors to the Bays were able to learn about various research, restoration, and monitoring activities underway with MassBays' support. The Science Walk was on display at several locations including Boston, Orleans, Brewster , and Ipswich. The Science Walk will return in Spring 2022.

In the meantime click on the button below labeled MassBays Science Walk 2021 for information on the various projects displayed this summer.