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Motor Vehicle Homicide Unit

Norfolk District Attorney's Office

The Motor Vehicle Homicide Unit is made up of a team of Assistant District Attorneys who respond to serious motor vehicle crashes resulting in fatalities. The Motor Vehicle Homicide Unit also responds to crashes resulting in near or possible fatalities. The ADAs who respond to the scene work closely with the investigating police departments and the Crash Reconstruction Police Officers / State Troopers. For example, an A.D.A. on scene has the best opportunity to view a potential crime scene and to offer guidance with respect to legal issues, culpability and evidentiary issues. The Motor Vehicle Homicide Unit is on-call 24 hours a day.

Although fatal crashes are often caused by drunk drivers, fatalities are also caused by careless (or negligent) drivers, aggressive drivers, distracted drivers (texting) and pedestrian error. The District Attorney reminds drivers to use care and caution when operating a motor vehicle.