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News 2016 Hate Crime in Massachusetts Report

The 2016 Hate Crime in Massachusetts Report is now available. 
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The 2016 Hate Crime in Massachusetts Report is now available. 

The 2016 Hate Crime report for Massachusetts was compiled using data voluntarily supplied from police departments across the Commonwealth. The Executive Office of Public Safety & Security (EOPSS) received a total of 391 reports of incidents of hate crime (down from 411 in 2015) from 70 municipal police departments, 11 campus police agencies, one hospital and the MBTA. In addition, 267 agencies successfully submitted “zero reports” (indicating that they had experienced no bias-motivate incidents) and there were 60 non-reporting agencies, down from 70 in 2015 and 105 in 2014. In 2016, reporting agencies and zero-reporting agencies covered approximately 95% of the population of Massachusetts. After receipt and state data quality checks, EOPSS submits all Massachusetts hate crime data to the FBI for further analysis, verification and inclusion in its annual Hate Crime Statistics publication.

Data was collected utilizing two methods. Agencies who report data via the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) have their data automatically uploaded to EOPSS and the FBI. EOPSS then extracts the required data for analysis. Agencies who submit via the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) manually fill out forms and submit them to EOPSS. These forms are then collated and sent to the FBI. This is the last year of this process. In 2017, UCR agencies will automatically upload their data to EOPSS and the FBI utilizing the FBI’s hate crime forms. This will allow all of the data to be error checked and reside in one data set. Going forward, some of the categories displayed in this report may only be available from the NIBRS–reporting agencies, as NIBRS captures many data elements that UCR does not capture. In 2016, 259 reports were submitted via NIBRS, while 132 were submitted via UCR.

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