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Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) to replace Community Based Flexible Supports(CBFS) effective July 1, 2018
  • Massachusetts Department of Mental Health
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The Department of Mental Health is pleased to announce that it has developed a reconfigured service model as its primary service for DMH adults who live in or are transitioning to the community. This service, Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS), will replace Community Based Flexible Supports effective July 1, 2018. DMH has posted a Request for Response to procure ACCS on a statewide basis.

DMH’s ACCS program will deliver evidence based interventions within the context of a standardized, clinically focused model to promote: 

  • Active engagement and assertive outreach to prevent homelessness; 
  • Clinical coverage 24/7/365 days a year 
  • Consistent assessment and treatment planning 
  • Risk assessment, crisis planning and prevention 
  • Skill building and symptom management, 
  • Behavioral and physical health monitoring and support 
  • Addiction treatment support;  
  • Family engagement; 
  • Peer support and recovery coaching  
  • Reduced reliance on emergency departments, hospitals and other institutional levels of care.

For Key Features, Changes, and Additional Resources, Visit the Adult Community Clinical Services Page

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