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Press Release Baker-Polito Administration awards $85.6 million in MassWorks Awards to Communities across the Commonwealth

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Samantha Kaufman, Deputy Director of Communications

BOSTON — During the past two weeks the Baker-Polito administration has announced $85.6 million in MassWorks Infrastructure Awards for 46 communities across the Commonwealth. Funding will support a range of infrastructure investments that drive economic development and job creation, including downtown revitalization, and will help create more than 1200 units of multi-family housing across the state.

“Targeted infrastructure investment helps leverage community and businesses assets to create jobs and grow regional economies,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Locally driven and community-backed efforts to create economic opportunity and improve our cities, including MassWorks, Community Compacts, and the Urban Agenda, are a vital part of our economic development plan.”

“MassWorks infrastructure funding catalyzes growth in our cities and towns by building a foundation for sustainable development,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “This foundation, combined with a focus on leveraging existing assets, allows communities to aggressively pursue economic opportunities. I look forward to working with each of the 46 communities to ensure that awards deliver results for residents and the Commonwealth.”

MassWorks targeted investments in infrastructure, such as roadways, streetscapes, and water systems, are part of the Administration’s commitment to advance and prepare communities for new housing and economic development opportunities.

“Targeting additional capital investment to economic development programs was a priority for the Baker-Polito Administration's first capital budget,” said Secretary for Administration and Finance, Kristen Lepore. “The 40% increase in MassWorks funding will allow the program to make critical investments across the Commonwealth, including many important local projects orchestrated by the Community Compact Program.”

“MassWorks funding, and the partnerships and investments it supports, help cities and towns meet local housing needs, and achieve strong economic and job growth,” said Housing and Economic Development Secretary Jay Ash. “Targeted investments in infrastructure, local capacity, and community partnerships are the core of our economic agenda – and will help our communities succeed regionally and globally.”

“MassWorks spending helps create local and regional economic opportunity, and is the key to continuing Massachusetts’ economic growth,” said Assistant Secretary for Communities and Programs Juan Vega. “Our economic development plan will support closely-tailored development projects funded through the Urban Agenda grant program and MassWorks to support locally-directed, effective, development.”

The MassWorks Infrastructure Program provides a one stop shop for municipalities and other eligible public entities seeking public infrastructure funding to support housing production, economic development, and job creation through strategic investments in public infrastructure. The 2015 grant round generated 101 applications for more than $245 million in infrastructure requests. The Baker-Polito Administration’s 2016 capital budget increases funding for the MassWorks Infrastructure Program by $20 million.

Each year, the program allocates 10 percent of the awarded funds to assist municipalities with populations of 7,000 or less in completing roadway safety and transportation improvement projects. The MassWorks Program has invested over $357 million across the Commonwealth since the first competitive grant round was held in September 2011.

More information is available at the 2016 MassWorks Award Results page. 

2015 MassWorks Award Winners

Amesbury - Enhancements to the Intersection of Rte 110 and Rte 150 - $1,107,812
The $1,107,812 MassWorks award will fund enhancements to the intersection of Route 110 and Route 150 including signal upgrades, intersection modifications, and the construction of new sidewalks to Amesbury’s downtown. The improvements will allow the construction of Amesbury Heights, a 240 unit housing development, to begin next spring.

Boston - East Boston Brownfield Revitalization - $3,869,187
A $3,869,187 MassWorks award will support the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing Community Development Corporation’s redevelopment of a brownfields site in East Boston. Existing, vacant, industrial buildings will be demolished and replaced by Coppersmith Village, a 71-unit, mixed-use, mixed-income development with 3,000 square feet of ground floor retail, restaurant, and green space. MassWorks funding will leverage nearly $30 million from other sources to support this project.

Boston - East Boston Waterfront Improvements - $3,000,000
MassWorks has also awarded $3,000,000 to construct a publically accessible boardwalk and make improvements to East Boston’s Designated Port Area, helping retain the waterfront’s support for marine-related industries and uses. This investment will also support a partnership between Trinity Financial, Inc. and the East Boston Community Development Corporation as they work to construct a $67 million, 200-unit, mixed-use development on the waterfront.

Brockton - Streetscape Improvements and Downtown Redevelopment - $1,276,000
The $1,276,000 MassWorks award will fund streetscape improvements in the downtown and support the City’s downtown redevelopment. Downtown Brockton was recently designated as a Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) District by MassDevelopment.

Burlington - Middlesex Turnpike Improvements - $2,250,000
Burlington's $2,250,000 MassWorks award will improve I-95 northbound exit 32 ramps and enhance pedestrian and vehicle circulation along the Middlesex Turnpike. These enhancements will support EDM Millipore’s relocation to Burlington Summit, keeping 400 jobs in the Commonwealth. The award builds on previous MassWorks investments into the Route 3 Transportation Improvement Project.

Chicopee - West End Mill District Redevelopment - $2,640,000
The MassWorks award of $2,640,000 will support the West End Mill District Redevelopment site. The award will address infrastructure deficiencies including improvements to the water, sewer, electrical systems, as well as a pump station that will make the redevelopment of the West End Mill District possible.

Dalton - Infrastructure Improvements on Housatonic St, and Water Main Replacement - $380,000
Dalton's $380,000 MassWorks award compliments $8,008,912 in federal funds awarded to Dalton for infrastructure improvements on Housatonic Street, and will fund the replacement of a 2,300-foot water main. This project will result in improved sidewalks and roadway drainage, and increased pedestrian and motorist safety.

Dracut - Broadway Rd Improvements - $960,000
MassWorks’ $960,000 investment will support a 78 unit assisted living facility and 28,400 square foot medical office building. Broadway road will see sidewalk and road expansion, and a signal upgrade at its intersection with Loon Hill, and MassWorks will fund an additional coordinated signal at Willard and Arlington Roads.

Everett - Market Street Culvert - $2,000,000
This $2,000,000 award will reconstruct the Market Street Culvert located along the Newburyport/Rockport MBTA Commuter Rail Line.

Fall River - Airport Road High Service Area Water Loop - $969,100
Fall River received a $969,100 MassWorks award to complete the Airport Road High Service Area’s water main loop, including the installation of 3,200 linear feet of 12-inch water main and new hydrants. This will ensure adequate water pressure for both the Life Science and Technology Park and the Commerce Park, both within a Priority Development Area.

Fitchburg - Improvements to the Intersection of Main and River Streets - $3,050,000
The $3,050,000 MassWorks award for the town of Fitchburg will improve and reconfigure the intersection of Main and River streets, and is supported by $200,000 in city and private funding. Improvements will include new sidewalks, lighting, bicycle lanes, and street trees, and will support Fitchburg Yarn’s $37 million redevelopment as 96 units of mixed-income rental housing.

Florida - Central Shaft Road Improvement - $1,000,000
The $1,000,000 MassWorks award for Florida's Central Shaft Road Improvement project will resurface 3.9 miles of a rural connector between the towns of Florida and Savoy, making the road safer for local and regional traffic, including school buses. The connector also serves as the access road to the Manice Education Center, which provides outdoor activity programs to inner city youth.

Gardner - Garbose Metal Factory Remediation and Redevelopment - $2,000,000
$2 million in MassWorks funding will be used to remediate and redevelop the abandoned Garbose Metal Factory, and MassWorks funding will leverage more than $1 million in other investments. Gardner is looking to enable commercial development of the site, and is engaged with potential developers over design.

Gardner - Rear Main Street Corridor - $1,200,000
The Rear Main Street Corridor redevelopment project has also been awarded $1.2 million to allow for the connection of Rear Main Street to Willow Street. This connection facilitates Gardner’s Downtown Urban Renewal plan, supports existing businesses, and encourages new development along the corridor.

Granville - Route 57 - $1,000,000
The $1,000,000 MassWorks award to Granville will contribute to a comprehensive plan to rebuild Route 57, which provides access to major highways from Granville and the Southern Berkshires. Funding will be used for shoulder widening and additional crosswalks to accommodate bikes and pedestrians in Granville center.

Great Barrington - Bridge Street Corridor - $2,157,545
The $2,157,545 MassWorks award to the town of Great Barrington will fund improvements in the Bridge Street corridor. The investment will support the cleanup and redevelopment of a former log home site as a $45 million mixed-use area with 20,000 sq. ft. of retail space and 81 rental units. Funds will also be used to connect the area to Great Barrington’s downtown.

Haverhill - Harbor Place Improvements - $3,900,000
The $3,900,000 million 2015 grant complements previous investments in support of Harbor Place, a mixed use housing development featuring UMass Lowell’s satellite campus. Funding will increase connectivity to the Merrimack River while extending economic development and employment opportunities generated by the designated Growth District eastward towards the Merrimack Street corridor.

Hawley - Repair and Rebuild to Chickley Riverbank - $87,657
Hawley's $87,657 MassWorks award will permanently repair and rebuild 360 feet of river embankment that has washed away numerous times after heavy rainfall, and will protect the bank from further erosion. The structural integrity of the Chickley River riverbank has been compromised repeatedly, causing severe flooding in the town of Hawley. The project will accomplish one of the most important goals of Hawley's FEMA-approved Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Holyoke - Lyman Terrace - $4,000,000
The Holyoke Housing Authority has partnered with The Community Builders to redevelop and preserve Lyman Terrace, a public housing property constructed in 1938. The $4 million MassWorks grant will fund streetscape work, a new throughway, sewer and drainage, as well as new water mains and hydrants.

Hubbardston – Old Westminster Road Paving Project - $1,000,000
This $1,000,000 MassWorks investment will repair, reclaim, and resurface Old Westminster Road in Hubbardston. The investment will improve road safety by eliminating water and ice buildup.

Lancaster - Sewer Service Extension supporting Local Manufacturing - $980,000
Funding will extend sewer service along Sterling road, supporting local manufacturers James Monroe Wire & cable, Built-Rite Tool & Die, and Stainless Steel Coatings, and triggering the creation of 35 new full time jobs and 20,000 square feet of new workspace.

Lowell - Hamilton Canal District Support - $4,721,362.20 
The City of Lowell received $4,721,362.20 in MassWorks funding for permanent infrastructure supporting the full build out of Hamilton Canal’s North District which is pre-permitted for 232,000 square feet of commercial space, 21,800 square feet of retail space and 68 housing units on two acres. The infrastructure will support Watermark, a local engineering firm’s new 60,000 square foot corporate headquarters and will complement the City’s $30 million commitment to construct a public parking garage in the District.

Lynn – Market Street Revitalization Project Support - $2,500,000
Lynn’s $2,500,000 MassWorks Infrastructure Award grant will reconstruct and upgrade Federal Street, Western Avenue, and Boston Avenue. The investment will support Lynn’s Market Square Revitalization Project, which redevelops a 22 acre former General Electric site near downtown Lynn. Market Square will feature an 80,000 square foot state-of-the-art Market Basket along with 50,000 square feet of retail and office space. MassWorks investments complement efforts by the City of Lynn to attract private investment by allowing as-of-right development, permitting projects to avoid traditional Planning Board or Site Plan review.

Malden - Downtown Revitalization and Transit Reconnection Project - $850,000
The $850,000 MassWorks grant will compliment previous MassWorks awards in support of the Downtown Revitalization and Transit Reconnection Project, and the creation of a 325-unit mixed-use development project.

Mansfield - Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Development and Street/ Sidewalk Improvements - $2,374,379
The $2,374,379 MassWorks grant will be used for street and sidewalk improvements around the Mansfield MBTA Commuter Rail station. These improvements will support a new 81-unit, mixed-use transit-oriented development project.

Marlborough - East Main Street - $2,700,000
The $2,700,000 MassWorks award will support the revitalization of East Main Street in downtown Marlborough. Funding for the project complements the continued efforts undertaken by the City to revitalize the downtown and encourage private investment.

Methuen - Improvements to the Intersection of Pelham St, Agean Dr, and Danton Drive - $1,250,000
Methuen received a $1,250,000 award to install a signal and upgrade the intersection of Pelham Street, Agean Drive, and Danton Drive. The intersection serves as the gateway to two industrial areas and is undersized to handle the current demand. The public project will also support the relocation of Jessica’s Brick Oven Bakery to the industrial park.

Montague - Public Parking in Turner Falls Business District - $325,785
The $325,785 MassWorks award will provide funding for a 30-space public parking facility in Turners Falls, Montague’s largest business district. The parking will support the redevelopment of Strathmore Mill Building #11 into a 20-unit mixed-use development.

New Ashford - Road Repair - $333,795
The $333,795 in MassWorks funding for New Ashford will repair a deteriorating roadway that has fallen into severe disrepair after numerous surge rainstorms hit the area in recent years. The failing roadway has impacted access to Mount Greylock State Reservation. Funds will be used to repair washed out culverts, install new guardrails, and add drainage.

New Braintree - Road Improvements - $768,744.80
The $768,744.80 MassWorks award will improve the transportation safety and quality of Unitas Road, West Road, Mara Road, and Oakham Cut-off Road in New Braintree.

New Marlborough - Improvements to Safety and Access for Clayton Mill River Road - $1,000,000
The $1,000,000 MassWorks award will improve safety and access to 2.8 miles of Clayton Mill River Road through improvements to pavement and drainage, as well as a reconfiguration of the Konkapot Road intersection. These will ensure that the road remains open for residents, school buses, and emergency services.

Newburyport - Increased Sewer Capacity and Sidewalk Extension - $2,000,000
The $2,000,000 MassWorks award for Newburyport will leverage $4.45 million committed by the City to increase sewer capacity and extend sidewalks in the recently adopted 40R SmartGrowth district. The infrastructure improvements will support a $16.5 million 80 unit mixed-use development located next to the MBTA commuter rail station and enable the future construction of 440 units in the 40R District.

Paxton - Reservoir Road Culverts - $39,200
The $39,200 MassWorks award will fund the lining of two culverts that pass underneath Reservoir Road, a major transportation route in the region that connects Route 56 and Route 122.

Pittsfield - Road Repairs and Sidewalk Construction - $893,864
Pittsfield's $893,864 in MassWorks funding will provide necessary infrastructure upgrades including roadway repairs and sidewalk construction. Roadway improvements will support the rehabilitation and preservation of the Dalton Apartments, a 100-unit affordable housing development.

Plymouth - Residential and Commercial Improvements to the Waterfront - $4,000,000
Plymouth’s $4,000,000 MassWorks award will enhance residential and commercial opportunities along its waterfront, including the rehabilitation of T Wharf and utility improvements, roadway resurfacing and sidewalk construction in Cordage Park. These improvements will support 150 residential units and 20,000 square feet of retail development, as well as significant commercial investment in Plymouth's seaport economy.

Plympton - Improvements to Colchester & Mayflower Rds - $390,000
The Town of Plympton was awarded $390,000 in MassWorks funding for improvements to Colchester and Mayflower roads, including paving, painting, shoulder repair and structural overlays. The improvements will assist in reinforcing the road to accommodate the continued expansion of the Plympton Industrial Park.

Provincetown - Porous Pavement along Commercial St - $1,960,000
The $1,960,000 MassWorks award will reconstruct Commercial Street in Provincetown with porous pavement to mitigate storm water discharge into the Harbor. Commercial Street serves as the main commercial area in the downtown and provides direct access to Provincetown Harbor, both of which play a significant role in the economy of the town. MassWorks funding leverages over $5 million in federal and state dollars in support of the first two phases of the project.

Quincy - Quincy Center Redevelopment - $5,800,000
Quincy's MassWorks award of $5.8 million funds Quincy’s Urban Revitalization and Development Plan, which aims to foster economic growth in Quincy Center, calls for the redevelopment of two city-owned parcels to support businesses and a 56 unit mixed-use transit-oriented development. MassWorks funding will leverage $600,000 previously invested by the city to unlock the Ross Garage parcel for future use, and prepare the area for growth.

Revere - Central Business District Corridor - $2,500,000
The $2,500,000 MassWorks award will fund the second phase of streetscape improvements along Revere’s Central Business District Corridor.

Rochester - Safety Improvements to Neck Road - $92,700
The Town of Rochester received a $92,700 MassWorks award to enhance the safety of 1,150-foot section of Neck Road by removing the existing guardrail system and replacing it with galvanized steel beam guardrails. The stones along the causeway will also be replaced and reset.

Royalston - Winchendon Road - $985,000
The $985,000 MassWorks award will repave, add guardrails, replace signage, and regrade the shoulders along 3.5 miles of Winchendon Road.

Sandisfield - Rugg Bridge - $991,650
The Town of Sandisfield has been awarded a $991,650 MassWorks grant to repair the Rugg Bridge, which currently has a 12-ton weight limit that forces many emergency vehicles, DPW trucks, school buses and commercial vehicles to take a 16.7-mile detour.

Somerville - Prospect Street in Union Square - $3,340,000
This $3,340,000 investment will provide major streetscape improvements to the Prospect Street section of Union Square, and leverage $3,500,000 contributed by the City. These improvements will support the development of 400 new units of housing and 700,000 square feet of commercial office space.

Springfield - Six Corners Intersection - $2,770,000
The $2,770,000 MassWorks investment will provide safety improvements the Six Corners intersection, rated a top-100 high-crash intersection by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. Improvements to the intersection are a key element of the master plan to spur economic recovery in the Six Corners and Old Hill neighborhood commercial districts, which were heavily impacted by the 2011 tornado.

Uxbridge – Pipe Upgrades - $250,000
The $250,000 MassWorks Infrastructure Award for Uxbridge funds an upgrade for 1,300 linear feet of sewer pipe on state Route 16 (Douglas Road), unlocking development in the area. The MassWorks investment will also support a 44 unit senior housing development, a 100 acre office and retail site, and an office park near exit 3 of Route 146.

Westford - Water Line Extension - $200,000
The town of Westford's $200,000 MassWorks Infrastructure Award will fund the installation of 750 feet of 8-inch ductile iron water main to provide domestic water service and fire protection to four buildings in the Abbott Mill Redevelopment Project, allowing for their conversion into 102 residential units.

Worcester - Quinsigamond Ave - Gateway I, Phase I - $2,000,000
The $2,000,000 MassWorks award will fund Phase I of the infrastructure project and improve transportation safety and efficiency along a 2,300 foot segment of Quinsigamond Avenue from Ashmont Avenue. Quinsigamond Avenue is the primary connection between the regional highway network at Route 146 and central Worcester, where a number of major residential, commercial and mixed use developments are under construction or planned for construction during the 2015-2016 timeframe.

Worcester - CitySquare (Front + Center) - $1,000,000
The $1,000,000 MassWorks award will leverage $4,700,000 for upgrades to the West Garage located within the Front and Center section of City Square. The 1,647 space parking garage is the largest garage in downtown Worcester and is critical to the $70 million redevelopment of Front and Center. City Square is part of the Worcester Growth District and is a Priority Development Area in the 495/MetroWest Development Compact Plan.

Worthington - Sam Hill Road Bridge - $790,000
The Town of Worthington was awarded $790,000 for the engineering and repair of the Sam Hill Road Bridge over Watts Stream, which was deemed unsafe by MassDOT and closed in 2014. The closure has resulted in residents and emergency vehicles using unpaved roads that have historically been closed during the winter.


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