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Press Release Baker-Polito Administration Awards Nearly $1 Million to Agricultural Clean Energy Projects

Energy Projects at 40 Farms Will Save Money and Reduce Emissions
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Katie Gronendyke

BOSTONThe Baker-Polito Administration today awarded 40 grants totaling $954,803 to Massachusetts farmers to implement renewable energy systems and improve energy efficiency on farms. The awarded farms are projected to save over $195,000 annually and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 780 tons each year. The grants are funded through the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources’ (MDAR) Agricultural Energy Grant Program (AgEnergy) in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER).

“As we celebrate Earth Week, our administration thanks Massachusetts’ farmers for their stewardship of open spaces across the Commonwealth and work to provide residents with healthy, locally-grown foods,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “By implementing forward-thinking clean energy and efficiency projects, these farms are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and make their operations more environmentally sustainable and resilient.”

“The projects funded through the AgEnergy Program help Massachusetts meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets and ensure the continued success of the Commonwealth’s agricultural industry,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “We are pleased to help support local farms that work hard to provide local, healthy farm products to Massachusetts citizens.”

The AgEnergy Grant Program funds both Traditional Projects and Special Projects. Traditional projects focus on conventional energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies while Special Projects focuses on technologies that typically require higher capital cost but could potentially yield greater savings and/or positive agricultural impacts in an effort to improve the farm’s energy efficiency and to facilitate adoption of less conventional, alternative clean energy technology applications. The program has awarded more than $3.6 million to 225 projects statewide since 2009 to address energy issues on farms.

“These grants demonstrate our Administration’s commitment to the agricultural sector’s needs as well as our energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change goals,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Matthew Beaton. “I congratulate these recipients who have each shown a commitment to improving Massachusetts’ environment through the conservation of energy.” 

“These grants and projects are great examples of what we can do to help ensure our farms are there for the long haul, contributing to our local economy, our new Food Plan, and our clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals,” said MDAR Commissioner John Lebeaux.

“DOER is proud to partner with the Department of Agriculture to fund grants that support clean energy projects at our local farms,” said DOER Commissioner Judith Judson. “These projects will reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and reduce the farms' operating costs – a major win for all.”

The Traditional AgEnergy Program will fund 31 projects, a combination of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. These include a compost heat recovery project for a large-scale dairy composting operation; a centralized chip wood boiler plant; a vertical well geothermal system for a new construction apiary production facility; maple syrup operations improvements with new reverse osmosis, evaporators, energy efficiency improvements for greenhouse operations including insulation and thermal curtains; an add-on battery storage system to an existing PV installation; HVAC and walk-in cooler energy efficiency improvements for a newly renovated aquaculture production facility; and nineteen roof- and ground-mounted photovoltaic systems.

The Special Projects Program, now in its third year, will fund nine projects, including a zero net energy greenhouse operation utilizing a centralized wood chip boiler plant and an add-on to an existing PV array; a centralized wood chip boiler heating plant serving a greenhouse operation; a super-efficient urban greenhouse; and includes solar PV glazing integrated in the greenhouse roof, also a first use of this technology in MA; and walk-in coolers or freezers upgrades.

Today’s grant awardees are:

Traditional AgEnergy Grant Program

Farm Name




Herban Adventures, Inc.


11.84kW Photovoltiac System


Allandale Farm


29.2kW Photovoltaic System


Volante Farms


55.3kW Photovoltaic System


Mycoterra Farm

South Deerfield

19.72kW Photovoltaic System


Galenski Farm

South Deerfield

36.36kW Photovoltaic System


Moon In The Pond Farm


12.24kW Photovoltaic System


Four Town Farm, Inc.


54.67kW Photovoltaic System


Bartholomew Family Bogs, LLC


25.2 kW Photovoltaic System


Sandy Neck Oyster Company, Inc.

West Barnstable

8.96kW Photovoltaic System


Catlin Farmstead LLC dba Otter River Farm


Aerated Composting & Renewable Thermal Energy System


Island Grown Initiative, Inc.

Vineyard Haven

Greenhouse Energy Efficiency Upgrades


Maybrook Farm


7.92kW Photovoltaic System


Boston Honey Company, Inc.


SE New Construction


Pleasant Lake Farm, LLC


11.8kW Photovoltaic System


Hanson Farm, Inc.


Two (2) Solar Domestic Hot Water Heaters


Mayval Farm


HE Evaporator


Red Shirt Farm


Thermal/Shade Curtain


Signal Rock Farm


Battery Storage for Existing PV System


Sweetwater Sugarhouse


Reverse Osmosis and EE Oil-Fired Evaporator


Hager Bros. Farm, LLC


Energy Efficient Flue Plan


Sawyer Farm


9.55 kW Photovoltaic System


Codman Community Farms


24.9kW Photovoltaic System


C.N. Smith Farm, Inc.

East Bridgewater

15.8kW Photovoltaic System




5.6 kW Photovoltaic System


New England Beekeeping Supplies, Inc.


40.32kW Photovoltaic System


Twelve Moon Farm


3.9kW Photovoltaic System


Ivory Silo Farm


9.57kW Photovoltaic System


Berkshire Garden Center, Inc.


Energy Efficiency Modifications to Greenhouses


Wareham Quail Farm


22.125kW Photovoltaic System


Plymouth Rock Oyster Growers, LLC


Energy Efficient Cooler & HVAC System


Holiday Brook Farm, LLC


Wood Chip Boiler


Special Projects AgEnergy Grant Program

Farm Name




Freedom Food Farm, LLC


High Efficiency Walk-in Refrigeration


We Grow Microgreens, LLC

Hyde Park

Urban Greenhouse


Elliot Farm


High Efficiency Walk-in Refrigeration


Davidian Bros. Farm


Upgrade Apple Storage Cooler


Dead Branch Farms, LLC


Zero Net Energy Greenhouse


Brattle Farm


High Efficiency Walk-in Refrigeration

$ 9,784

Westport Rivers, Inc.


High Efficiency Walk-in Refrigeration


Allandale Farm


High Efficiency Walk-in Refrigeration


Simple Gifts Farm, LLC


Biomass District Heat System & PV for Greenhouses


“The grants awarded today by the Baker-Polito Administration highlight the innovative and efficient methods used by our agricultural community,” said State Senator Michael J. Rodrigues (D-Westport). “These farms are not only providing the food supply for our community, they are also responsibly and sustainably using and protecting our natural resources.”

“I am very pleased that the AgEnergy program will soon benefit Hanson Farm in Bridgewater, Freedom Food Farm in Raynham, Wareham Quail Farm, Bartholomew Family Bogs in Wareham, and many other agricultural operations in the Commonwealth,” said State Senator Marc R. Pacheco (D-Taunton). “Farming initiatives are vital to our local economy and well-suited to help foster our state’s transition to renewable energy.  I’d like to express my sincere gratitude and congratulations to everyone in my district who contributed to the successful applications.  Thanks to your efforts, Massachusetts will emit 780 fewer tons of greenhouse gas every year - excellent work.”

“I am proud of all the work that has gone into making these grants a reality and am especially happy to see some of this imperative funding being invested in the Berkshires, including Berkshire Garden Center, Inc. in Stockbridge,” said State Representative Smitty Pignatelli (D-Lenox), Chairman of the Joint Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture. “Agriculture is a vital part of our overall wellbeing as a state and I’m happy to see this funding going to our farms and our farmers. I’m grateful for the work and the dedication of the Baker-Polito Administration and hope we can continue to see environmentally and agriculturally conscious decisions like this being made for our Commonwealth in the near and far future."

“For the business of agriculture to remain viable, our farmers must look for ways to innovate and utilize renewable energy resources,” said State Representative Susan Gifford (R-Wareham). “The costs associated with making that commitment can be challenging.  These AgEnergy grants help to make that decision easier.  It’s a win for our farms and the environment.”

“The Baker Polito administration has been terrific for agriculture,” said State Representative Paul Schmid (D-Westport). “The current round of investments will yield a 20% return in savings for the farms and reduce greenhouse emissions. That's something to stand up and cheer for!”

Earlier this week, the Baker-Polito Administration announced $1 million in grants to 40 Massachusetts agricultural operations to install practices that help mitigate their impacts on climate change and adapt to changing climate conditions. The grants were awarded through the Agricultural Climate Resiliency & Efficiencies (ACRE) Program, which was created as part of the implementation of Governor Baker’s Executive Order 569, which lays out a comprehensive approach to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard residents, municipalities and businesses from the impacts of climate change, and build a more resilient Commonwealth. 


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Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources 

The Department’s mission is to help keep the Massachusetts’ food supply safe and secure, and to work to keep Massachusetts agriculture economically and environmentally sound.

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs 

EEA seeks to protect, preserve, and enhance the Commonwealth’s environmental resources while ensuring a clean energy future for the state’s residents. Through the stewardship of open space, protection of environmental resources, and enhancement of clean energy, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs works tirelessly to make Massachusetts a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.