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Press Release Baker-Polito Administration Awards Nearly $10 Million in Federal Funding to Support Local and State COVID-19 Response

Funding will assist more than 100 local and state public safety agencies in preventing, preparing for and/or responding to the Coronavirus.
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  • Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
  • Office of Grants and Research

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Jake Wark

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BostonThe Baker-Polito Administration today allocated more than $9.6 million in federal Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program (CESFP) grants awarded to the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Office of Grants and Research (OGR) from the U.S. Department of Justice. More than 100 local and state public safety agencies will receive this funding for additional resources to further aid in preventing, preparing for and/or responding to the Coronavirus.  

“These awards to municipal departments and state agencies across the Commonwealth demonstrate our commitment to providing our police officers, firefighters, and other public safety personnel with the necessary tools to effectively serve their communities while continuing to fight a pandemic,” said Governor Charlie Baker.  

Eligible municipalities were invited to solicit up to $50,000 in total funding to benefit their police and/or fire department needs. In total, 65 fire departments and 44 police departments representing 94 cities and towns will directly benefit from the CESFP awards.  

“These grants will help aid local municipalities to purchase the additional safeguards necessary to protect our frontline workers against COVID-19,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “Massachusetts has made great strides in slowing the spread of this virus, and we will continue to support our local heroes with the resources they need to protect themselves and their communities.”

CESFP awards were also made available for competitive solicitation by state public safety agencies responsible for confronting the pandemic. The funding will assist agencies with outfitting staff with personal protective gear, purchasing deep cleaning sanitation equipment for correctional facilities and academies, utilizing video technology to conduct hearings remotely, and obtaining materials to reconfigure office space to enhance social distancing and protect essential workers.  

“These funds will address critical needs that will not only protect our essential public safety employees but also the people they protect and serve,” said Public Safety and Security Secretary Thomas Turco.  

“These awards are well deserved and my office is committed to doing all that it can to continue providing the financial resources needed to assist our state and local officials in their efforts to combat this pandemic,” said OGR Executive Director Kevin Stanton.

The CESFP local and state awardees are as follows:

Municipal recipients:



Request Summary

Acton Fire Department


PAPR's, UV disinfectant lighting, covid-19 testing for members, glogerm powder/mist/lotion/UV flashlights, n95 respirators, touchless hand sanitizer/soap/paper towel dispensers, overtime

Acushnet Fire Department


PPE, Disinfecting Equipment

Agawam Fire Department


9 laptops, 9 webcams

Amesbury Fire Department


Lexipol city-specific policy and training solution, TranCor Mobile Integrated wireless package

Andover Fire Department


disinfecting equipment, EPA registered disinfectant

Ashburnham Police Department


HVAC system cleaning and eval, upgrade filtration

Ashby Fire Department


washable uniforms

Ashland Fire Department


decontamination equipment, industrial PPE washers, decontamination units

Belchertown Fire Department


PPE and decontamination supplies

Billerica Police Department



Bolton Fire Department


Quantifit CNP fit test machine, full face masks, adapter for face respirator, cleaning products, PPE

Boxborough Fire Department


digital sign board, coverage for officers in Emergency Operations Center, Staffing for Emergency Operations Center

Braintree Police Department


overtime, PPE, cleaning service

Brewster Fire Department


Fit testing for respiratory protection equipment, deep cleaning/disinfecting of vehicles and department

Brewster Police Department


cleaning/disinfecting services, PPE

Charlemont Fire Department


2 portable electrostatic sprayers, radio accessories

Cohasset Police Department


virtual meeting equipment, message board trailer, 5 containers of purtabs sanitizing/disinfecting tablets

Cummington Police Department


Purchasing and deployment of 3 Panasonic laptops

Dalton Police Department


PPE, overtime, station/cruiser cleaning, pcm programming for cruisers

Dedham Police Department


three rugged laptop computers for cruisers, one iPad for department court prosecutor

Deerfield Police Department


3 vehicle repeaters to work on State CoMIRS system

East Longmeadow Fire Department


overtime, PPE

East Longmeadow Police Department


overtime, spray bottles, medical gloves, cloth-like rags, professional cleaning services

Easthampton Fire Department



Easton Fire Department


Porta count respirator fit tester

Foxborough Fire Department


2 IP radio consoles, 2 foggers, 2 sprayers, instant covid-19 tests

Franklin Fire Department


mobile data terminals

Georgetown Police Department


PPE, LED communication board

Granville Police Department


overtime, PPE

Greenfield Fire Department


UV air sanitizers, Electrostatic disinfecting fog sprayer

Hadley Fire Department


commercial grade washer, PPE, thermometers

Hanover Fire Department



Hanson Fire Department


18-20 portable radios and accessories

Heath Fire Department


generator for a town-owned building enabling both Police Dept. and Fire Dept. to relocate offices, PD app purchase & install a radio tower.

Heath Police Department


purchase and install a radio tower

Holland Police Department


overtime, PPE, sanitization services, electronic communications sign

Hopkinton Fire Department


PPE, cordless electrostatic sprayers, vital oxide cleaner

Hudson Fire Department


sanitizing equipment (2 mist fogger, 2 immerse-a-clean, 20 cases electrolyte), PPE, policy management assistance

Hudson Police Department


2 mist foggers, 2 immerse-a-clean wands, PPE

Hyannis Fire Department


Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)

Ipswich Police Department


P100 Replacement filter, n95 masks, air filtration system, filters for system, cloth masks for everyday wear, SOTR MAS assembly

Leicester Police Department


overtime, PPE, 4 mist foggers, 4batteries for foggers, 8 cases of viro tabs

Leverett Fire Department



Lynnfield Fire Department


PPE, disinfecting equipment

Marblehead Police Department


programmable message boards

Marion Fire Department


fit tester, adapter for SCBA

Mattapoisett Police Department



Medfield Fire Department


staffing third firefighter

Medway Fire Department


PPE, disinfecting equipment

Medway Police Department


PPE, cleaning/sanitizing equipment

Melrose Fire Department


PPE (N95 masks, isolation gowns, face shields, head coverings, training on PPE), victory sprayer, 2 backpack sprayers

Mendon Fire Department


PPE, testing kits

Methuen Fire Department


9 sets of turnout gear, digital informational board and traffic display

Milford Fire Department


PPE, mobile outdoor sign boards, decontamination foggers, handheld sprayers, thermometers

Monterey Fire Department


3 reusable isolation coveralls, reusable N95 mask filter adapters, N95 masks, gloves, booties, and eye protection

Nantucket Fire Department


PPE, cleaning products/equipment

New Salem Fire Department


washable uniforms

Newton Fire Department


replacement P100 filters, Tyvek suits, P100 full face respirators (eye protection included)

Newton Police Department


tables/chairs for trainings, cleaning of police headquarters/dispatch computers, PPE

North Attleboro Fire Department


PPE, deep cleaning of fire stations and equipment

Northbridge Fire Department


3 virus killing light system, 1 disinfection fogger

Northbridge Police Department


3 virus killing light system, 1 disinfection fogger

Norwood Police Department


PPE (masks, Gerson suits, nitrile gloves), 30 webcams, 17 tablets/laptops

Oakham Fire Department


PPE, commercial washer/dryer, electrical and plumbing

Pepperell Police Department


PPE, plumbing work and permit, electrical work and permit, system for laundry decontamination, disinfection sprayer

Plainville Fire Department


Tyvek suits, n95 masks

Plainville Police Department


Printing contractor/printing cost for COVID related brochures/signs/etc., overtime, PPE, sanitizing equipment, decontamination service if necessary

Plympton Fire Department


full face respirators

Princeton Fire Department


road signage, per diem pay, training for first responders, communication equipment, PPE, ozone and hydrogen sterilization

Princeton Police Department


overtime, PPE (gloves, face shields, sanitizer, disinfectant)

Rehoboth Police Department


PPE, training, sanitizing equipment for station/equipment

Rockland Police Department


PPE, disinfecting equipment, scheduled cleaning of cruisers and cell blocks, incident-based cleaning of cruisers and cell blocks

Russell Police Department


2 emergency message boards, 4 first aid trauma bags/PPE, interoperable data management software, emergency canopy/tent, generator, 2 electrostatic disinfectant handheld sprayers

Rutland Fire Department


portable radios

Rutland Police Department


portable radios

Salisbury Fire Department


installation of mobile data terminals in 2 front-line vehicles

Salisbury Police Department


replacement of 26 portable radios, purchase DHQ equipment

Saugus Fire Department


PPE, disinfecting equipment

Saugus Police Department



Scituate Police Department


police overtime, protective partitions

Sharon Fire Department


COVID-19 rapid testing and results, equipment for on-site, on-demand remediation of bio-hazard waste

Shelburne Fire Department


interoperable radio equipment

Shrewsbury Fire Department


25 compliant portable radios

Somerset Police Department


electronic message signboard

Sterling Police Department


disinfectant sprayer, tank disposable liner, PPE (n95 masks, safety glasses, Tyvek suits, face shields, gloves)

Stoughton Fire Department


PPE, overtime, sanitization services

Stow Fire Department


mobile data terminals in emergency vehicles

Sturbridge Police Department


lobby digital sign, mobile sign board, lobby reconfiguration and locking mechanisms

Sudbury Fire Department


PPE (disposable medical gowns, n95 masks)

Sunderland Fire Department


PPE (surgical masks, cloth masks, kn95 masks)

Sunderland Police Department


PPE (surgical masks, cloth masks, kn95 masks)

Sutton Fire Rescue


PPE, fit testing machine, 20 respirator masks, 80 mask filters, adapter for masks, thermometer, fingertip pulse oximeter, fit testing machine, sanitizing supplies

Swampscott Fire Department


video displays, room AV control system, laptop input locations, cable tv add, video/virtual conference equipment

Swansea Fire Department


Porta Count Pro Plus, Adapter, Microsoft Go Tablet

Tewksbury Fire Department


overtime for the operation of a third ambulance

Topsfield Fire Department


pulse oximeter, sliding pass through window for ambulance, air purification system

Topsfield Police Department


interoperable communications equipment, unified command system, disinfecting equipment

Townsend Police Department


scheduling and training software, fingerprint/palm print scanner

Truro Police Department


PPE (purifying respirators, gloves, face shields, disposable respirators, adhesive sealing particle respirators, etc.), hand sanitizer

Upton Fire Department


electrostatic disinfectant sprayer

Uxbridge Police Department


PPI masks, SCAB adapter/cartridge, electrostatic fogger

Wales Police Department


electronic signboards, laptops

Walpole Fire Department


deep cleaning/sanitizing service for fire stations, PPE

Walpole Police Department


PPE (n95 masks), disinfecting equipment (fogger, disinfectant), overtime

Wayland Fire Department


12 month supply of PPE and disinfecting supplies, disinfecting equipment

Wendell Fire Department


washable uniforms

Wenham Police Department


PPE (shoe covers, biohazard bags, pulse oximeter, thermometers, eye protection, masks, etc.)

Westborough Fire Department


PPE, overtime, sanitization services

Whately Fire Department


2 message boards, PPE, washable uniforms



Total Funding Recommendations




State recipients:



Request Summary

Department of Fire Services


Cleaning services for MFA campuses, PPE and COVID-19 testing center equipment.

Department of Corrections


Video conferencing equipment, backpack cleaners and related equipment.

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency


Decon sprayers, A/V equipment and installation.

Massachusetts National Guard


Internal system upgrade to better manage response during pandemic and other emergencies.

Massachusetts Parole Board


Videoconferencing, sober housing for released prisoners due to COVID-19, decon- sprayers.

Massachusetts State Police


Washable uniforms for use by MSP during pandemic.

Municipal Police Training Committee


Equipment to conduct outside classes at the academy during pandemic, backpack sprayers.

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner


Renovation costs for social distancing workspace for staff at office and PPE.

Total Funding Recommendation





Media Contact for Baker-Polito Administration Awards Nearly $10 Million in Federal Funding to Support Local and State COVID-19 Response