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News Budget and Tax Rate Planning Tool

DLS releases a new Excel-based Budget Analysis Recap tool to assist cities, towns and district with tax rate planning.
  • Division of Local Services

The Division of Local Services has released a new Excel-based tool for assisting cities, towns and districts with tax rate planning and analysis. This Excel workbook can be used in tandem with DLS Gateway to analyze the impact of municipal finance decisions on the estimated property tax levy for any fiscal year.

The Excel workbook contains six separate worksheets: Tax Rate Options and Shifts, Levy Limit and Recap Pages 1 through 4. Certain data is passed from one worksheet to another, so formula cells are protected from data entry. The rest of the workbook can be modified as needed, to facilitate “what-if” analysis and the sharing of data between officials. This workbook contains no jurisdiction-specific data and can be used by any city, town or district in any fiscal year.

It is important to note that the rounding of values in Microsoft Excel can vary slightly from the rounding in DLS Gateway. DLS Gateway must be used for final levy limit and tax rate calculation and submission. DLS provides the Budget Analysis Recap tool for planning and analysis purposes only, and will not accept data from this file for tax rate setting.

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