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Inaugural grant recipients use the Outdoor Heritage Foundation's Melvin Fund to further piping plover research and conservation.
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Media Contact for Continuing the legacy of Scott Melvin

Marion Larson, MassWildlife

piping plover and tern research

Scott Melvin was a former senior zoologist working within MassWildlife’s Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program. He was an internationally known leader in coastal waterbird conservation. Scott had an unwavering commitment to conservation, leading efforts to protect piping plovers for over 30 years. His good humor, pragmatism, and expertise won the respect of everyone, even those with opposing views. Scott also mentored many biologists entering the field. He recognized that working with beach-nesting birds provided an important real-world learning opportunity to train the next generation of natural resource managers.

Scott passed away prematurely in 2014. However, his legacy lives on. The Massachusetts Outdoor Heritage Foundation created the Scott Melvin Memorial Fund honor Scott’s memory and his enduring contributions to wildlife conservation. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Scott Melvin Fund supports small research grants and a fellowship. Last year, the first researchers were awarded grants from the Scott Melvin Memorial Fund. Each awarded grant supported graduate student research on piping plovers or terns. The 2018 grant recipients were:

  • Michelle Stantial—Using miniaturized GPS tags to study breeding season habitat use and migration in threatened piping plovers
  • Brynna McGlathery—Duxbury Beach piping plover replicated nesting habitat assessment 2018
  • Katie Walker—Assessing piping plover post fledging survival and migratory stopover locations using nanotags

In addition to the research grants, the Scott Melvin Memorial Fellowship was awarded to Jasmine Weber-Pierson. Jasmine worked with Mass Audubon and MassWildlife on piping plover and tern conservation.

Help continue the success of the first year of Melvin Fund projects this upcoming summer and for years to come. Learn how you can support the Scott Melvin Memorial Fund.

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Media Contact for Continuing the legacy of Scott Melvin

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