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  • Board of Registration in Pharmacy

To: Massachusetts Pharmacists and Pharmacies

From: David Sencabaugh, R.Ph., Executive Director

Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy

Date: May 19, 2015

Filling a Prescription for EPT

As a Massachusetts pharmacist, you may be aware that Massachusetts passed MGL Ch111 § 121B in July 2010. This law states that certain healthcare providers can prescribe or dispense antibiotics to treat Chlamydia infection for the sex partner of the infected individual without examining or testing the partner. The authorization for EPT applies only to Chlamydia infection.

As a pharmacist, there are two ways you may see the prescription:

  1. The clinician provides a prescription for a named sex partner(s) of the infected patient; or
  2. The clinician provides a written prescription using, in place of the partner’s name and address, “Expedited Partner Therapy,” “E.P.T.” or “EPT,” which the partner can have filled at any Massachusetts pharmacy;

The pharmacy can fill the prescription without knowing the name and address of the sex partner by using “Expedited Partner Therapy,” “E.P.T.” or “EPT,” to create a patient profile and prescription label.

A partner information sheet should be provided to patients by the pharmacist, if not already done so by the provider, whenever possible.

For more information please see the publication by the Department of Public Health from August 29, 2011 below.

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