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News February 2020 DFS Briefs

February 2020 DFS Briefs
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FF of the Year

Heads of Fire Departments, once again, we are accepting nominations for the annual Firefighter of the Year Awards to honor outstanding acts of heroism and bravery as well as community service by Massachusetts firefighters on a rolling basis, so that you can forward a nomination at any time. Included in the DFS Briefs you will find the criteria and nomination form due by July 15, 2020 for incidents that took place in FY20.

In addition, the February DFS Briefs contains training opportunities and public safety information.

Please be sure to avail yourself of all of the important information contained in the February DFS Briefs and click here for a complete list of MFA scheduled training sessions

February 2020 DFS Briefs

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The Department of Fire Services helps keep communities safe. We provide firefighter training, public education, fire prevention, code enforcement, licensing, fire investigation, hazardous material response, and emergency response.