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Press Release Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito Sign 300th Community Compact with Town of Swampscott

660 best practices in local government across 300 communities in Massachusetts ensuring partnership and mutual accountability with state government
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Media Contact for Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito Sign 300th Community Compact with Town of Swampscott

William Pitman,

Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito with local legislators and officials after signing the 300th Community Compact.

SWAMPSCOTT — Today, Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito signed a Community Compact agreement with the town of Swampscott, marking a milestone as the Commonwealth’s 300th Compact Community.   

“The Community Compact program has been successful in strengthening the relationships between state and local government in cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth under the leadership of Lt. Governor Polito who has worked tirelessly to travel the state visiting local officials and stakeholders as part of this program,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “I am proud to see Swampscott sign our administration’s 300thcompact to regionalize services, combat long-term financial challenges and implement the Complete Streets Program.”

In 2015, Governor Baker signed his first Executive Order establishing the Community Compact Cabinet (CCC) chaired by Lt. Governor Polito, in order to elevate the Administration’s partnerships with cities and towns in all communities of the Commonwealth.

“The Community Compact Cabinet is proud to have signed 300 Compacts with municipalities across the state in order to help build stronger communities and a stronger Massachusetts,” said Lt. Governor Polito, Chair of the Community Compact Cabinet. “From grants and technical assistance to connecting resources, we are pleased to work with communities to be a better partner, making all cities and towns a better place to work, live and raise a family.” 

“Swampscott’s commitment to improving and highlighting its scenic coastal town is illustrated by today’s Community Compact signing,” said Senator Thomas M. McGee (D-Lynn). “The institution of best practices such as regional and shared services, intermodal transportation efforts and enhanced long-range capital planning, will continue to advance the economic growth of the town and the quality of life for its residents.”

Representative Lori Ehrlich (D-Marblehead) said, “I'm thrilled to celebrate the 300th compact signing in Swampscott. Partnering with Governor Baker, Lt. Governor Polito, and hard-working local officials for municipal best practices is good governance at its best. The genius behind the compact is that when our communities are provided resources and support, we all win.”

Currently, 311 municipalities have applied to participate in the Community Compact program, with 688 total chosen best practices. Including Swampscott, 300 communities have signed compacts representing 660 best practices. Implementing these best practices distinctly improves the operations of local government, creating a stronger community and in many cases, a better experience for residents.

In addition to the Best Practice program, two other grant programs under the Community Compact Cabinet have benefitted municipalities.  The IT Grant program has provided a total of $4 million impacting more than 130 municipalities for various projects that will drive innovation and transformation at the local level.  Similarly, the Efficiency & Regionalization Grant program has resulted in $2 million of grants being awarded for projects impacting more than 120 communities and school districts that support regionalization and other efficiency initiatives that allow for long-term sustainability.

Community Compacts are one tool the administration is utilizing to strengthen the partnership between cities and towns and the Commonwealth. By entering a Community Compact, a community agrees to implement self-selected best practices. As part of this partnership, the Commonwealth agrees to fulfill a set of commitments and works to provide assistance for a community based on their chosen best practice. 

Through these Compacts, Swampscott will partner with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to implement the following best practices:

  • Regionalization/Shared Services: The Commonwealth will award a Community Compact Grant for Swampscott to continue to explore ways to expand regional services.
  • Long-range Capital and Financial Planning/Forecasting: The Commonwealth will award a Community Compact Grant for Swampscott to develop a long-range financial forecast that helps the Town understand both its long-term financial challenges and capacity for capital investment.
  • Transportation/Public Works – Active Transportation: Complete Streets: In order to implement the Complete Streets Program, the Commonwealth will provide technical assistance to the community through MassDOT’s zero-cost certification process.  This will make Swampscott eligible for prioritization planning funding and construction grants.

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Media Contact for Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito Sign 300th Community Compact with Town of Swampscott

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