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News Keep a hunting log and win prizes!

Help MassWildlife by recording your wildlife observations while hunting this year. Submit logs by December 14.
  • Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Hunting log prize

Hunters, remember to submit your archery deer hunting log or game bird hunting log before DECEMBER 14, 2018 to be entered to win prizes! 

Massachusetts hunters spend a significant amount of time in the woods observing wildlife of all kinds. These observations can provide wildlife biologists with a tremendous amount of information to better understand wildlife distribution and abundance across the Commonwealth. If you are an archery deer hunter or a game bird hunter, please consider keeping a hunting log on all the days you hunt this season. 

If you complete and submit either an archery deer hunting log or a game bird hunting log before DECEMBER 14, 2018 you will be entered into a drawing. Prizes include 1 stainless steel tabletop gas grill, donated by Cabela's, 10 blaze orange MassWildlife caps, and 10 one-year subscriptions to Massachusetts Wildlife magazine. Winners will be randomly selected and notified in late December. If you complete both types of logs, your name will be entered twice.

  • Archery Deer Hunting Season Log: If you are an archery deer hunter in Massachusetts, keep a daily log of your hunting activities and observations of wildlife during the archery deer season (Oct. 1 – Nov. 24, 2018 in WMZs 10-14 and Oct. 15 – Nov. 24 in WMZs 1-9). Because archery hunters are usually very stealthy and camouflaged, you are uniquely suited to record valuable observations of wildlife including deer, wild turkey, black bear, coyote, and other species not commonly observed.
  • Game Bird Hunting Season Log: If you are a game bird hunter in Massachusetts, keep a daily log of your hunting activities and observations of game birds while hunting bobwhite quail, pheasant, woodcock, or grouse (Oct. 13 – Nov. 24, 2018). These observations will provide MassWildlife biologists with information on game bird populations across the state and allow them to evaluate hunter effort of various upland game bird species. MassWildlife seeks to maintain healthy game bird populations while ensuring quality hunting experiences for both wild and stocked birds across the Commonwealth.

Results From 2017

Archery Deer Hunter Log Results. Archery deer hunters submitted 171 hunting logs resulting in over 9,000 hours of hunting time logged. Logs were received from hunters in every Wildlife Management Zone (WMZ); however, zones 9, 10 and 11 accounted for the most logged hours. Turkey, deer, and coyote were the most common species observed statewide. Antlered deer (bucks) and antlerless (does) were observed in every WMZ, while turkeys were observed in zones 1-11; black bears were observed in 7 of the 15 zones. 

Gamebird Hunting Log Results.  Hunting logs were received from 42 gamebird hunters in 2017 resulting in 975 hours of recorded game bird hunting. Submitted hunting logs were received from WMZs 2-12 and Nantucket (WMZ 14).

Your input is essential! MassWildlife aims to increase hunter participation in 2018 so that there is strong representation in every WMZ. Please help us spread the work about these important projects.

Division of Fisheries and Wildlife 

MassWildlife is responsible for the conservation of freshwater fish and wildlife in the Commonwealth, including endangered plants and animals. MassWildlife restores, protects, and manages land for wildlife to thrive and for people to enjoy.