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News MassWildlife announces two timber sales designed to restore and enhance wildlife habitat:

  • Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Muddy Brook WMA

Timber sale:

MassWildlife Habitat Program staff will be conducting timber sale showings for Massachusetts Licensed Timber Harvesters on 45 acres at the Muddy Brook Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Hardwick, and on 158 acres at the Birch Hill WMA in Royalston & Winchendon on Friday, February 16, 2018. The harvest showing at the Muddy Brook WMA in Hardwick will occur at 9:00 am and focus on restoration of open canopy oak/pitch pine woodlands over a shrub layer of blueberry, scrub oak, and other native shrubs in the Patrill Hollow section of the WMA. This work will occur directly adjacent to 135 acres of similar restoration that was conducted successfully from 2014-2017. The harvest showing at the Birch Hill WMA in Royalston & Winchendon will occur at 1:00 pm and focus on both young forest habitat establishment and pitch pine/scrub oak barrens restoration in the Priest Brook section of the WMA. This work will build on previous MassWildlife timber sales that converted 60 acres of exotic red pine plantations to native shrubland and forest in 2007. MassWildlife wishes to thank private sector loggers and wood product companies for their interest in and assistance with completing these important restoration and management operations.

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