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News May release of updated lists: Certified, Not Certified, Suspended, Administrative Suspensions and Commission decisions

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UPDATED MAY 9, 2023                  

Massachusetts POST Commission Releases Updated Lists of Certified, Not Certified, Suspended, Administrative Suspensions, and Commission decisions     

The POST Commission today released the current lists of certified, not certified, suspended, administratively suspended, and decertified law enforcement officers.  The information is current as of May 4 and is available on the POST website under the “View Law Enforcement Officer Information” section.

Certified officers, including new Police Academy graduates, have met the necessary statutory requirements and are certified by the POST Commission for a three-year period. Certification expiration dates are listed for each officer.

Officers are classified as “Not Certified” if they have not satisfied all requirements for recertification. Officers on this list are not certified because they have either failed to complete the required training, are out on excused leave, or their situation involves a disciplinary matter. Officers who have retired or resigned in good standing are not included on this list.

Officers on extended leave (medical, military, family or administrative) who have not met the requirements for recertification are classified as “not certified - excused leave” by the Commission until they return to full duty.

Additionally, the POST Commission today updated the list of suspended officers (current as of May 9) and administrative suspension lists. The POST Commission is directed by statute to suspend the certification of an officer who is arrested, charged or indicted for a felony and will revoke the certification of an officer who is convicted of a felony. The suspension order is in effect until a final decision or revocation is made by the Commission.

The Commission administratively suspends the certification of officers who fail to complete in-service training requirements within 90 days of the imposed deadline (with exceptions for injury or physical disability, leave of absence or other documented hardship).  The certification is reinstated once the officer completes the training requirement (Chapter 6E, Section 9 § b). 

A new section has been added to our website about recent POST Commission decisions and orders

The POST Commission was established as part of a 2020 criminal justice reform law to focus on efforts to improve public safety and increase trust between members of law enforcement in the Commonwealth’s communities.  The POST Commission is charged with creating a mandatory certification process for police officers, as well as processes for decertification, suspension of certification, or reprimand in the event of certain misconduct.

The next round of recertification for officers with last names I-P will begin in a few weeks.

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