News Notice of Available Positions on the Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Oversight Committee

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The Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court invite interested attorneys to apply for appointment to the Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Oversight Committee for a four-year term. 

As provided by SJC Rule 4:07, the Committee oversees the appropriate use of the portion of the annual attorney registration fee designated for the operations of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc. (LCL). LCL provides programs to assist lawyers, judges, other legal professionals, and law students who struggle with the disease of addiction and provides assessment and referral services with respect to other psychological, emotional, and physical impairments that might interfere with an individual's capacity to function as a lawyer. 

The Justices will be making two appointments to the Committee. In accordance with SJC Rule 4:07, LCL, the Board of Bar Overseers, the Clients' Security Board, various bar associations, and any attorney may nominate a person to fill the vacancy on the Committee. Applicants and nominees should be experienced attorneys who are members of the Massachusetts bar in good standing. The Justices strongly encourage applications from or nominations of attorneys with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

Please submit nomination or cover letters and one-page resumes to Anna Rachel Dray-Siegel at by June 22, 2022. If you have questions about the appointment process or the position, please contact Anna.

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court 

The Supreme Judicial Court is the Commonwealth's highest appellate court.

Massachusetts Court System 

The Massachusetts court system consists of the Supreme Judicial Court, the Appeals Court, the Executive Office of the Trial Court, the 7 Trial Court departments, the Massachusetts Probation Service, and the Office of Jury Commissioner.