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News Notice of Opportunity for Vaccine Incentive Partnerships

  • Executive Office of Health and Human Services

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is pleased to announce this Notice of Opportunity for entities such as private businesses, charities or non-profit organizations to partner with the Commonwealth in its efforts to promote and incentivize COVID-19 vaccinations by hosting a mobile vaccine clinic or providing incentives to vaccinated individuals at existing vaccination sites.  EOHHS believes that these opportunities will enhance vaccination rates and provide Massachusetts entities the opportunity to participate in this important public health initiative.  Entities are encouraged to offer incentives to vaccinated individuals, outside of this opportunity as well.


EOHHS has been partnering with entities to further promote COVID-19 vaccinations.  Examples of such opportunities, to date, have included:

  • Semana de los Red Sox at Hynes Convention Center Mass Vaccination Site – at which guests could take pictures with the Red Sox trophies, meet players, see the team mascots, and be potentially selected for free Red Sox tickets that the Red Sox distributed to randomly selected vaccinated individuals
  • Dunkin’ Days at Hynes Convention Center Mass Vaccination Site – at which Dunkin’ Donuts gave free iced coffee, $5 gift cards, and raffled off multiple awards of free coffee for a year to individuals onsite.
  • Museum of Science mobile vaccination site with free tickets to the museum

EOHHS seeks additional opportunities to partner with entities such as private businesses, charities or non-profit organizations that wish to donate incentives to vaccinated individuals, including, but not limited to hosting a mobile vaccination clinic and providing donated incentives to vaccinated individuals that obtain their vaccines at existing sites.  To participate in this opportunity, incentives that meet the following specifications will be prioritized:

  • Located in one of the Commonwealth’s 20 cities/towns in the DPH Vaccine Equity Initiative
  • Located in a city/town with vaccination rates significantly below the state average
  • If hosting a mobile clinic on-site, provide adequate space for clinical operations
  • If hosting a mobile clinic on-site, provide easy access via public transportation or access to free parking
  • Include donations of incentives for individuals, including food, drinks, gift cards, tickets, raffle prizes, etc.

Response Requirement and Deadline

Entities interested in responding to this Notice, regardless of prior communications with EOHHS, are requested to submit a Response to this posting containing the following information:

  1. Name and street address of entity responding to the Notice.
  2. Email and phone number for the person that will serve as the point of contact for the incentive opportunity.
  3. Description of the incentive donation offered, sufficient for EOHHS to evaluate the value, scope, and any limitations on the incentive offered.
  4. If the respondent is interested in hosting a mobile vaccination clinic, please provide:
    1. Street address of the proposed mobile vaccination clinic
    2. Square footage available to set up the vaccine clinic
    3. Total parking spots available
    4. Public transportation options to the site

Responses should be submitted via email to Elizabeth Larsen (

Determination of Vaccine Incentive Partnerships

In making partnership determinations, EOHHS will consider factors such as, but not limited to, anticipated impact, feasibility, geographic location and accessibility, scale, and operational readiness. EOHHS will evaluate responses to this Notice on a rolling basis and will reach out directly to respondents who are selected to partner with the Commonwealth.  EOHHS may reach out to the respondents’ point of contact for additional information regarding the response submitted. EOHHS is under no obligation to partner with any respondents under this Notice.

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