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To: Massachusetts Pharmacy Registrants

From: Board of Registration in Pharmacy

Re: DPH Pamphlet for CII and CIII narcotic dispensing [UPDATED from September 23, 2015]

Fact sheet

Pursuant to Section 25 of Chapter 52 of the Acts of 2016, Section 21 of Chapter 94C of the Massachusetts General Laws was amended and language was added related to the “Opioid Prescription Drug Fact Sheet.”  The amended Section 21 of Chapter 94C reads [with emphasis to note the added language]:

“The department of public health shall produce and distribute either in written or electronic form to pharmacies, not including institutional pharmacies, pamphlets for consumers relative to narcotic drugs, specifically opiates, that includes educational information about: (i) pain management; (ii) misuse and abuse by adults and children; (iii) risk of dependency and addiction; (iv) proper storage and disposal; (v) addiction support and treatment resources; and (vi) the telephone helpline operated by the bureau of substance abuse services established in section 18 of chapter 17. A pharmacist shall distribute the pamphlet when dispensing a narcotic or controlled substance contained in Schedule II or III.”

Below please find the above referenced pamphlet Opioid Prescription Drug Fact Sheet.” Please note that this pamphlet is required to be distributed with each dispensing of a Schedule II and III narcotic, specifically opiate, medication.

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