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Press Release Sean Cronin Named Overseer of the City of Lawrence

Sr. Deputy Commissioner of Local Services to work with city to improve finances
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Boston — Secretary of Administration and Finance Kristen Lepore today officially announced Sean Cronin, the Senior Deputy Commissioner of Local Services within the Department of Revenue, as the state overseer of the City of Lawrence. 

“Sean’s years of financial expertise at the municipal level will be an asset to the City of Lawrence,” said Secretary Lepore. “I know he and Mayor Rivera will make a great team and work tirelessly at establishing a Lawrence built to sustain itself in the future.”

“I am very pleased with the selection of Sean Cronin as the City’s new fiscal overseer, and welcome him to Lawrence,” said Mayor Daniel Rivera.  “We are excited to work with the new overseer and look forward to continued collaboration with him and Secretary Lepore in our effort to bring Lawrence back to strong financial health.  Sean’s on-the-ground municipal experience is a great addition to the team.  We have met and talked, and his fiscal stewardship priorities are in line with mine. I believe he will help us get out from under state oversight in a healthy, timely manner.”

The Commonwealth first appointed an overseer for Lawrence in 2010, when the city had a $27 million operating deficit. The overseer has worked with city officials each year since to make sure that spending decisions are fiscally sound and that contracts are fair. Pam Kocher took over for Robert Nunes on an interim basis last November and will remain working for the Division of Local Services as Director of Special Initiatives, also assisting Cronin in the efforts to help bring Lawrence out of state oversight.

“Lawrence has achieved some measure of financial success over the past few years, as evidenced by successfully balancing three consecutive budgets and recently receiving an upgraded bond rating,” said Cronin. “I look forward to working with Mayor Rivera to build off that success and help the City develop a mindset of long-term financial planning through the establishment of formal fiscal policies, a multi-year Capital Improvement Plan, and long-range financial forecasting. I’m confident we will be able to continue the collaboration between the city and state to bring Lawrence out of state oversight and into a sustainable long-term fiscal condition.”

About Sean Cronin: Sean Cronin was named the Senior Deputy Commissioner of Local Services, an agency within the Department of Revenue, in January. The position was elevated by executive order to serve as the Lieutenant Governor’s Vice Chair in the Community Compact Cabinet and now reports directly to the Commissioner of the Department of Revenue and is the primary lead on local issues for the Secretary of Administration and Finance.

Prior to his current role, Cronin spent the last 17 years working in Brookline, the past 12 as the Deputy Town Administrator. During his tenure he helped develop fiscal policy that allowed Brookline to retain it’s AAA credit rating and better address both their OPEB liabilities and outstanding pension liabilities. Cronin also led capital improvement programs to deal with aging infrastructure, and invest in programs that yield long-term budget relief such as energy efficiency and new IT systems. He served on the Massachusetts Municipal Authority’s (MMA) Policy Committee on Personnel and Labor, in addition to representing the MMA on the first Massachusetts School Building Authority Advisory Board. Cronin served as a Fiscal Policy Analyst in the Fiscal Affairs Division of A&F and as Deputy Budget Director for the Executive Office of Public Safety during the Weld Administration. He holds a bachelor’s degree in government from Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in public administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.


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