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Jennifer Mieth, Public Information Officer

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CHELMSFORDChelmsford Fire Chief Gary Ryan and State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey announced the cause of the June 4, 2020 fire at 2 Mason Avenue in Chelmsford was the improper disposal of smoking materials. The fire in a manufactured home was reported at 3:46 a. m. The sole resident and a dog were able to escape safely. The home was totally destroyed.

The fire started in a plastic, kitchen trash barrel where smoking materials had been discarded the night before.

Members of the Chelmsford Fire Department and State Police assigned to the Office of the State Fire Marshal jointly investigated the fire.  No working smoking alarms were found in the home.

Chief Ryan said, “Fortunately there were no casualties in this smoking fire. Here in Chelmsford, we know just how deadly fires from the improper disposal of smoking materials can be.” A woman died from injuries suffered in a May 1, 2020 smoking fire on Turnpike Road in Chelmsford.

“It is important to either flush your cigarette butts or to put them in a can or pail with water for a few hours before discarding them,” Chief Ryan added, “Smoking materials can smolder for a long time and start a fire when combined with things like household trash, dried leaves or mulch, or when they come in contact with clothing, bedding, or upholstered furniture.”

State Fire Marshal Ostroskey said, “Whether smoking indoors or outside, have a proper container for you butts. Be a responsible smoker and put it out, all the way, every time.” For more information on smoking fire safety, visit: Smoking Fire Safety (

Chief Ryan said, “We want smokers to live long enough to quit.”


Media Contact for Smoking Cause of Chelmsford Manufactured Home Fire

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