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Press Statement State Fire Marshal Announces Grant Opportunity for Fire Departments

Round 2 Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant Applications due on February 3rd
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Media Contact for State Fire Marshal Announces Grant Opportunity for Fire Departments

Jennifer Mieth, Public Information Officer


STOW — I am pleased to announce that the administration has made additional funding available for washer-extractor equipment grants, and a second application period for this program is now open. Application documents for the Fiscal Year 2019 Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant are now available on our website at (click on Resources for the Fire Service). This funding was initially allocated in the Commonwealth’s FY19 budget, but just recently approved through a legislative action to be distributed as a grant program.

As with the initial round of funding for this program, I expect the total amount of the requests to exceed the amount of funding that is available. Please carefully read the Evaluation Criteria on page 3 of the application package before submitting your application to maximize your chances of receiving an award. Please also note that while the application package notes the anticipated award amounts are $5,000 each, this is merely an estimate, and you may apply for and be awarded more if the need is adequately justified in the narrative section of your application. 



Applications are due by 5:00 pm on February 3, 2020 at the Department of Fire Services in Stow. Complete instructions for submitting an application are included in the application package at the link above. Please see below for the anticipated timeline:



Application Period Open

January 7, 2020

Application Submission Deadline

February 3, 2020

Award Announcements

Rolling announcements beginning in late-February

End of Grant Performance Period

June 30, 2020

Final Reports/Reimbursement Requests Due

July 31, 2020



Fire departments of every city, town, fire district, state authority and state military fire department, are eligible to apply for funds from this program.

Departments that received an award from the FY2020 Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant are eligible to apply again, but will receive a lower priority than departments who did not receive an award from the FY2020 program. 


Key Requirements

Funding from the Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant may be used to purchase NFPA compliant washer-extractors only. Expenses associated with installation or maintenance of washer-extractors are not eligible costs. Gear dryers are not eligible costs.

Funds for this programs will be dispersed on a reimbursement basis only. Satisfactory proof of purchase and payment will be required before funds are released. All departments awarded a grant through this programs will be required to submit a final report summarizing all grant activity prior to receiving reimbursement.

All departments awarded a grant through this programs must be in compliance with the Massachusetts Fire Incident Reporting System (MFIRS).



If you have questions on this grant application, please contact Tim Moore at 978-567-3721 or


Media Contact for State Fire Marshal Announces Grant Opportunity for Fire Departments

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