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Hunters and anglers support MassWildlife’s efforts to keep fish and wildlife populations healthy, conserve habitat, and protect land for outdoor recreation. Read some of MassWildlife's major accomplishments from 2020.
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Hunters, anglers, and trappers are among the greatest supporters of fish and wildlife conservation in Massachusetts. License fees support MassWildlife’s efforts to keep fish and wildlife populations healthy, conserve habitat, and protect land for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation. Massachusetts is fortunate to have anglers and hunters who are passionate about the outdoors and support it with their time, commitment, and dollars. Despite challenging times, MassWildlife's dedicated staff continued to work hard this year to conserve fish, wildlife, and their habitats. With your support in 2020, MassWildlife:  

  • Stocked over 500,000 trout in more than 220 cities and towns across Massachusetts. This includes 173 lakes and ponds, and 174 rivers and streams. To get more information about trout stocking in Massachusetts, visit 

  • Released over 40,000 pheasants on Wildlife Management Areas and other lands open to hunting. Launched a new online map to help hunters find locations stocked with pheasants. 

  • Acquired 2,200 acres of critical habitat, forests, grasslands, water frontage, and access points for hunters and anglers. In total, MassWildlife now protects and manages 223,528 acres of land and water open to hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, and other outdoor recreation. View more information about properties MassWildlife acquired last year.

  • Taught over 2,000 students hunting and fishing skills through Angler Education, Hunter Education, Learn to Hunt programs, Becoming an Outdoors Woman, and Facebook livestream events. To accommodate safe social distancing, educational programs were adapted for online learning. 

  • Released the new digital Go Fish MA! map to help anglers find great spots to fish. The interactive map includes boat ramps, trout stocked waters, pond and lake summaries, and digital depth information—plus over 100 featured fishing sites that offer easy access to awesome fishing year-round!  

  • Received over 338 pieces of artwork submitted by youth artists in grades K–12 for the 2020 Massachusetts Junior Duck Stamp Contest

Restoring and Maintaining Wildlife Habitat in 2020 

MassWildlife staff actively managed over 1,400 acres of wildlife habitat on state lands this year. These habitat projects are carefully planned to benefit a diversity of rare and declining wildlife while also providing excellent habitat for game species such as American woodcock and ruffed grouse.

  • Mowing, mulching, and/or tree cutting were completed on 460 acres of state lands to promote vigorous new young forest and shrubland habitat. These habitat projects are carefully planned to benefit both rare and declining wildlife 

  • Invasive plants control was conducted on 905 acres of state lands to encourage native plants to reestablish and thrive. 

  • Prescribed burns were conducted on 44 acres and 75 acres were prepped for burns. Comprehensive prescribed burn plans completed for over 1,837 acres of habitat. Using prescribed fire is an effective way to maintain open habits used by an array of specialized and common wildlife and plants. Careful planning ensures that these burns are safe and effective. 

  • A full roster of habitat projects to benefit Massachusetts wildlife is already in in the works. Preparations have been made for projects to begin on 1,309 acres in early 2021. 

Click here to learn more about the work MassWildlife is doing to restore and manage critical habitat for wildlife.

Start 2021 Off Right

Fishing, hunting, and trapping licenses bring you a full year of outdoor fun. Your license purchase also helps MassWildlife continue its work to keep fish and wildlife populations healthy, conserve habitat, and protect land for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation. Thank you for your continued support. Celebrate the new year by spending more time outdoors in 2021.

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Division of Fisheries and Wildlife 

MassWildlife is responsible for the conservation of freshwater fish and wildlife in the Commonwealth, including endangered plants and animals. MassWildlife restores, protects, and manages land for wildlife to thrive and for people to enjoy.