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Compete in our Weigh-In or Catch-and-Release Fishing Derbies.
Whether you are a recreational or commercial fishermen or a seafood dealer, you need to stay up to date on all marine fisheries regulations.
Learn about how shellfish is managed in Massachusetts.
Learn more about our research that is used to manage Massachusetts' fishery resources.
The Assessment and Survey Program focuses on resources assessment, invertebrate fisheries research and monitoring and conservation of protected species.
Learn more about our habitat program that helps enhance the fisheries in our state.
DMF biologists work to preserve, enhance, and promote marine recreational and diadromous fisheries.
View our publications to catch up on our latest news and research updates!
Fishermen and other interested parties can learn more about our management process at the state, interstate, and federal level.
Learn about additional ways DMF provides assistance to local fishing communities.
Learn how to request public records from the Division of Marine Fisheries.
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