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Choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one is a very important decision. Discuss the issue thoroughly with the individual involved and their personal physician. Consider what the travel limits are for those who will be visiting the person receiving services, and identify the communities and nursing homes within those limits.
An Ombudsman is an advocate. The ombudsman service offers a way for older adults to voice their complaints and have concerns addressed so they can live with dignity and respect.
Options Counseling is a free service. It can help an older person, an adult of any age with a disability, their family members or caregivers make decisions on supportive services if they don’t know where to turn.
The Department of Public Health supports activities to protect, improve the quality of care, or improve the quality of life of nursing home residents through the Civil Monetary Penalties funding.
Find details about pending nursing home closures in Massachusetts and resources for residents living in these facilities.