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Alcoholic Beverages State Licenses 

The ABCC issues a number of state licenses. Please click on the license type link to find out more information or to apply.

Alcoholic Beverages Retail Licenses 

Learn more about retail licenses here.

ABCC Calendar 

This calendar contains the dates of currently scheduled ABCC hearings, the dates alcohol cannot be served or delivered, local licensing authority annual report due dates, and renewal reminders for state and retail annual and seasonal licenses.

ABCC Publications 

Review all your publications involving the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

Direct Wine Shipper Reports for the ABCC 

Direct wine shippers are required to submit an annual report detailing their wine sales to Massachusetts residents. Learn more here.

Resources for Local Licensing Authorities (ABCC) 

General information and resources for LLAs.

Enforcement Division (ABCC) 

We impact public safety and the quality of life in Massachusetts through effective alcohol law enforcement.

Special Licenses and Permits (ABCC) 

These are licenses and permits that authorize the sale of alcoholic beverages to the public at special events.

ePay for Online Payments (ABCC) 

Use our online portal to pay for fees and expenses related ABCC.

ABCC Appeals and Violations 

The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission ("ABCC") holds hearings on issues related to both state and retail licenses.

Public Records Requests to the ABCC 

Submit your inquiries on our Commission and correlated licenses.