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Apply for child support services 

Learn how to apply for child support services if you are a parent who pays or receives support.

How to pay child support 

Information for parents seeking to pay child support online, by mail, or other methods. Page updated: October 13, 2020.

Request a change to your child support court order 

Learn how to request changes to your child support order with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Page updated October 8, 2020.

Parents Who Receive Child Support 

Learn about services available for parents who receive child support.

Parents Who Pay Child Support 

Learn about services available for parents who pay child support.

Information for DOR customers who need to establish paternity or go to court 

Many resources are available that can help you if you need to establish paternity or go to court for child support cases.

Information for Employers about Child Support 

Employers play a key role in ensuring the financial security of children. Learn more about employers' roles and responsibilities in collecting child support.

Payment Intercept Program 

The Payment Intercept Program (PIP) requires insurance companies to work with DOR to identify pending insurance claim payments owed to parents who have child support debts.

COMETS HD Case Manager Video Tutorials 

Tutorials highlight features of the new Case Manager

Child Support Enforcement Division Public Records Request 

Learn how to request public records from the Child Support Enforcement Division (CSE).

Information for Attorneys about Child Support 

We are committed to working with family law practitioners representing clients who have child support cases with DOR.