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Attorneys can find out how best to represent their clients and how our document management system works.
Do you need workers’ compensation insurance for your business? Learn about your responsibilities as an employer.
Workers’ compensation insurers can learn about assessments, batch claims, and our document management system.
How to properly prepare workers' compensation cases before the Department of Industrial Accidents at each level.
Workers' Compensation law? Rules and regs? Interpreters? A business that's been debarred? If a business has insurance? Attorneys fees? And more! Find it here!
Find all the brochures and guides the DIA publishes.
Find all the decisions issued by the Department of Industrial Accidents Reviewing Board since January, 1999.
A circular letter is one of the oldest types of statements, originating in ancient time when people felt it necessary to circulate the same message to a large number of people at the same time.
The Office of Health Policy (OHP) was created pursuant to MGL c. 152, §§ 5, 13, and 30.
The DIA Office of Investigations makes sure that all employers operating in the Commonwealth carry workers' compensation insurance at all times.
The HCSB develops and endorses treatment guidelines/protocols and develops the eligibility criteria for the DIA Impartial Physicians Roster.
The prevention of occupational injury and illness is in everyone's best interest.
The Impartial Scheduling Unit is responsible for scheduling, monitoring, and managing impartial medical exams of the DIA. The unit enters appeals, filing fees, schedules, and issues refunds.
The document management system is the primary way the DIA stores all case-related documents.
The program began in order to prevent the submission of medical reports favorable to the side that hired the doctors who wrote them.
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