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Unfair Labor Practices (Public Sector) 

If you are a public sector employer, public sector union, or a person represented by a public sector union, you can file an unfair labor practice charge with us.

Massachusetts Public Employee Collective Bargaining Law Guide 

A guide to the Massachusetts public employee collective bargaining law

Joint Labor-Management Committee (JLMC) 

We assist in resolving collective bargaining disputes involving municipalities and their police officers and fire fighters.


We are authorized to determine appropriate bargaining units giving due regard to such criteria as community of interest, efficiency of operations, and safeguarding effective representation.

Grievance Mediation 

We offer grievance mediation services to public sector and private sector parties.

Contract (Interest) Mediation and Fact Finding 

When parties to a collective bargaining contract have reached impasse in negotiations or need assistance in negotiating a contract, we can help the parties through mediation.


We provide arbitration services to assist employers and employee representatives in resolving contractual disputes.

Decisions, Statutes, Regulations, Meeting Minutes, & Forms 

DLR and CERB decisions, statutes, regulations, meeting minutes, & forms.

Q&A Re: Janus v American Fed. of State, County, Mun. emp. 

Department of Labor Relations Question and Answer regarding impacts of Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31

Unfair Labor Practices (Private Sector) 

If you are a private sector employer, union, or a person represented by a union, you might be eligible to file an unfair labor practice charge with us.

Statutes and Regulations 

Find relevant statutes and regulations.

Department of Labor Relations public records request 

Request public records and search the database of public records from the Department of Labor Relations.