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Prevailing Wage Program 

Hotline: (617) 626-6953, Email:

Minimum Wage Program  

Learn about minimum wage laws, apply for a waiver, or file a complaint here. Minimum Wage Hotline: (617) 626-6952

Deleading and lead safety  

Hotline: (617) 626-6960; Email:

Asbestos Safety Program 

Hotline: (617) 626-6960, Email:

Employment, Placement, & Staffing Agencies Program 

To register, change your information, or file a complaint about an Employment, Placement, or Staffing agency.

Professional Employer Organization Program (PEO) 

The purpose of the PEO Program is to require the registration of PEOs and assure the verification of their compliance with important ethical standards and key employer obligations by these PEOs.

Workplace Safety and Health Program (WSHP) 

The goal of WSHP is to prevent workplace injury and illness of public sector workers. Call (508) 616-0461 ext. 9488 for any questions.

DLS online payment 

Online payment and list of fees for the Department of Labor Standards

On-site consultation program  

DLS offers a free service designed to help employers recognize and control possible safety and health hazards at their worksites, and assist in training employees.

Occupational Safety and Health Statistics Program 

A division of the Department of Labor Standards (DLS), the goals of the Occupational Safety and Health Statistics Program strives to protect workers in Massachusetts.

Mine Safety and Health Program  

Call (508) 616-0461 for any questions.

DLS Multilingual Services 

Office of Multilingual Services ensures meaningful access to all aspects of EOLWD Agencies: DUA, DCS, DIA, and DLS programs, services and activities for all Limited English Proficiency (LEP) customers.

Department of Labor Standards regulations quicklinks 

Laws pertaining to the Department of Labor Standards

Department of Labor Standards public records request 

Contact: (617) 626-6952 or with any questions