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DPU Consumer Information 

If you have a question about your utility bill or a complaint about your utility company, you can get help here. You can also find help if you are having trouble paying your bill.

DPU File Room & Administrative Services 

Find case docket, public hearing and meeting information, as well as instructions on filing with the DPU.

About the DPU 

Learn about the DPU's mission. Meet the Commission and find specific divisions.

Rideshare Company Drivers 

Learn how Massachusetts regulates the drivers using rideshare companies' or transportation network companies' (TNCs) digital network or platform.

Net Metering 

Find general information on net metering and whether you are eligible to net meter.

Natural Gas Industry 

Learn about gas companies, rates, competitive supply, and find annual financial returns.

For Customers of Moving, Towing, or Bus Companies 

Find regulated companies, file a complaint, and search Department regulations

Utility Filings and Tariffs 

Find information on your electric, gas, and water utility rates and tariffs.

Energy Efficiency Activities of Utilities 

The DPU’s current activities as they relate to energy efficiency.

Public Records Requests for the Department of Public Utilities 

Learn how to request public records from the Department of Public Utilities

Utility Laws and Regulations 

Massachusetts and federal laws and regulations related to public utilities

Information for Consumers about the Electric Industry 

Get a better understanding of your electric service, compare products and prices, and file complaints.

Information for Competitive Suppliers and Electricity Brokers 

Learn about licensing requirements and the laws governing competitive supply.

Long-Term Contracts for Renewable Energy 

Learn about long-term contracts that the electric companies can enter into with renewable energy developers.

Dig Safe 

Planning a dig? Contact Dig Safe (call 811) to make sure you avoid damaging utility lines. If someone has violated the Dig Safe law, you can report it to the DPU.

Pipeline Safety Information  

Learn what to do if you smell gas, need to report a Dig Safe violation, or want to dig safely without causing a Dig Safe violation.

Financial and Operating Annual Returns to the DPU 

This page provides information on how to file annual returns with the DPU and provides information on past annual returns for electric, gas, water, and municipal utilities

Water Distribution Companies 

Find information about the Department of Public Utilities' (DPU) regulation of investor-owned water utilities.

Information for Bus, Moving, and Towing Companies 

Get permission for your company to transport people and goods, or to tow away trespassing vehicles.

Rideshare Companies 

Learn how Massachusetts regulates rideshare companies or transportation network companies (TNCs).

DPU Siting Division 

The Siting Division issues licenses to construct and operate transmission lines and provides necessary exemptions from municipal zoning for energy facilities.

DPU Siting Division Orders 

View orders issued by DPU's Siting Division

Energy Facilities Siting Board 

The Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) is an independent state board that reviews proposed large energy facilities including power plants, electric transmission lines, intra-state natural gas pipelines, and natural gas storage tanks.

EFSB Decisions 

View decisions issued by the Energy Facilities Siting Board

Electric Grid Safety and Reliability 

Information on stray voltage and manhole safety, service quality, outage maps, emergency response plans, and double poles.