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Learning to fish just takes a little time and practice.
Find the tools you need to manage your land for wildlife.
If you want to learn more about common animals in Massachusetts—or if you are having a problem with wildlife and want to know what to do—these pages can help.
MassWildlife works to protect and manage habitat for the benefit of the state's rare and common animals, fish, and plants.
MassWildlife offers workshops, trainings, and resources for educators who work with children of all ages.
Stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors.
Find regulations related to licenses, permits, and reporting, as well as turkey harvest data and tips for hunters.
Black bears are becoming increasingly common in Massachusetts and are moving further to the east.
Find hunting regulations and pheasant stocking information.
Login to MassFishHunt to buy and print licenses, permits, and stamps, to report a harvest, to buy an antlerless deer permit, and more.
Find regulations for licenses, permits, and reporting, as well as deer harvest data and tips for hunters.
Find information about trapping regulations, classes, and resources.
Get the latest trout stocking information and plan your next fishing trip.
Get ready for a great day on the water with fishing resources for beginners and experienced anglers.
If you're planning to fish in freshwater in Massachusetts, you need to know the rules.
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