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Property Assessment & Valuation Guidance 

Provided by the Bureau of Local Assessment (BLA)

Municipal Finance Trend Dashboard 

Key Municipal Fiscal Health Indicators

Municipal Finance Legal Guidance 

Provided by Bureau of Municipal Finance Law (BMFL)

Municipal Finance Technical Assistance 

DLS's Technical Assistance Bureau (TAB) helps cities and towns improve their financial management operations.

DLS Publications and Financial Tools 

Subscribe to DLS publications and alerts, read our City & Town newsletter and download tools and calculators related to municipal finance.

DLS Gateway Application Login and Support 

DLS Gateway is the application used by local officials to transact business with the Division of Local Services.

Municipal Finance Best Practices 

Download these Best Practice guides from the Division of Local Services for recommendations on improving the efficiency of local government.

DLS Public Records Request 

Learn how to request public records from the Division of Local Services (DLS).