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Hawker and Peddler  

Licensing for Mobile Outdoor Sales by Individuals.

Auctioneer Licensing 

No person shall engage in the business of or act as an auctioneer in the commonwealth, directly or indirectly unless licensed.

Promoter License 

A Promoter is a person who either directly or indirectly rents, lease or grants a space to use.

Item Pricing/Price Accuracy/Unit Pricing 

The Massachusetts Item Pricing Law was written to ensure that food retailers remained consistent and accurate in how they charge consumers

Motor Fuel 

Massachusetts requires a license to sell motor fuel at retail.

Anti-Freeze Solution 

Massachusetts requires a license to sell anti-freeze.

Firewood Sales 

Tips to keep in mind when purchasing firewood.

Weights and Measures Information for state and local sealers 

Find annual reporting forms and a list of local sealers

Transient Vendor 

For seasonal or temporary businesses not open 12 consecutive moths

Annual Reports 

The yearly report documenting the activities and finances from the previous financial year.