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Medication Administration Program (MAP) 

MAP ensures the safe administration of medication to individuals living in community residential programs.

Drug Control Program policies and guidelines 

Here you can find information on policies and guidelines from the Drug Control Program. Learn more about drug administration, dispensing, prescribing, and storage.

About the Drug Control Program 

Learn more about our Program, view regulations, and find more resources.

Controlled Substance Loss Reporting 

Our goal is to reduce the opportunities for theft, tampering, misuse and abuse of pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical Code of Conduct for Consumers 

Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are required to disclose certain transactions. Learn more more about it here and how to view these reports.

Pharmaceutical Code of Conduct  

Registration and reporting information for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Drug Stewardship Program 

A Drug Stewardship Program collects, secures, transports and safely disposes of unwanted drugs.

Massachusetts List of Interchangeable Drugs (MLID) 

Massachusetts law requires interchange of less expensive, therapeutically equivalent drug products listed in the MLID.

Drug Formulary Commission 

We develop a list of drugs that are safely interchangeable and recommend substitutions for Schedule II and III opiates.