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Essex Victim & Witness Services 

If you are victim of a crime, you have specific rights and can obtain assistance from a Victim Witness Advocate.

Essex Diversion Programs 

First time, non-violent offenders under 21 are offered services in lieu of prosecution. Non-violent drug-addicted offenders of any age are offered treatment on demand in lieu of prosecution.

Choose to Refuse! Middle School 

This Middle School program provides students with basic information on addiction, brain development and substances. It engages them in activities to develop decision-making skills to handle situations where drugs are present.

Employment and Internship Opportunities 

The Essex District Attorney's Office accepts resumes for Assistant District Attorneys, Juvenile Justice Coordinators and Victim Witness Advocates on an ongoing basis. Internships are offered in the fall and spring semesters and the summer.

Media Relations 

In determining what information to release to the media, the Essex District Attorney's Office considers the public’s right to know, the integrity of an investigation and the rights of the individuals involved.

Make a Public Records Request 

Request a public record from the Essex District Attorney's Office