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EOHED Programs and Grants 

The Department of Housing and Economic Development (EOHED) assists businesses and communities with tools and financing. Here, you can learn about a number of programs and grants offered by EOHED and its agencies.

Public Registry of Lodging Operators 

This database allows the public to find general information about lodging operators located in Massachusetts.

Requests for waiver of permitting deadlines 

Process for a permit granting authority to apply to the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development for a waiver.

Public records requests for Housing and Economic Development 

Learn how to request public records from this Executive Office.

Notice to Quit Attestation and Submission 

All landlords must give tenants an attestation form and submit a copy of any Notice to Quit for nonpayment of rent given to a residential tenant during the COVID-19 State of Emergency to the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.

Starting Your Business 

Starting a new business is a significant commitment. Learn about what you need to do and who can help.

Opportunity Zone Program 

The Opportunity Zone Program is a federally-established program to provide investment incentives for certain census tracts. This is a tool to encourage growth in low income communities.