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Request help with a computer problem  

Whom to contact to resolve a problem with your desktop or laptop computer including email, network, browser and equipment issues.

Request VPN service and support 

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows remote users to securely access an agency's applications and resources within MAGNet (Massachusetts Access to Government Network).

EOTSS Employee Resources 

Job-related tools and information for Technology Services and Security employees


The Commonwealth's new system for technology support and services.

Policies, Legal and Technical Guidance 

Learn about the different policies, standards and guidelines that EOTSS provides to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Agency Service Account Manager (SAM) List 

A list of Agency Service Account Managers and contacts.

CommonHelp Service Desk 

CommonHelp is a service help desk for employees of the Commonwealth.

Executive Office of Technology Services and Security PRR 

Learn how to request public records from the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security.

Access Finance Resources  

Finance Resources for Technology Services and Security Customers

Commonwealth Information Warehouse 

The Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW) brings together a subset of the financial, budgetary, human resource, payroll and time reporting information maintained in dedicated and separate systems by individual agencies.