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GIC Benefit Decision Guides 

Resources to help you make an informed decision about your benefit options during Annual Enrollment.

GIC benefit rates 

Find out what you would have to pay for Group Insurance Commission (GIC) benefits effective July 1, 2019.

GIC forms 

Forms to enroll in, change, or cancel your GIC benefits. Please read the description in each form carefully. All forms are due to the GIC.

GIC Coordinator Information 

GIC Coordinators, located at each state agency and municipality, process GIC benefits for active employees. Search for your GIC Coordinator here.

GIC Health Insurance Products 

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) has made a few changes to our health insurance products for this year. Please review the products below.

GIC Public Records Request 

Use this page to find public records or make a request to have something sent to you.

Life Events and Your GIC Benefits 

Learn about life events and how to maintain coverage.


Your link to exceptional member benefits!

Non-Medical GIC Benefits 

Find out about non-medical benefits for GIC members. Not all employees are eligible for these.