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Traffic Information 

Information to help you plan your trip on Massachusetts roadways.

Highway Projects Under Design and Construction 

The MassDOT Highway Division manages design projects and construction contracts.


Massachusetts' all electronic tolling program. It includes E-ZPass MA and Pay By Plate MA. The program works without toll booths on the Mass Turnpike (I-90), Tobin Memorial Bridge, and the Sumner, Callahan, and Ted Williams Tunnels.

Maps, Data and Reports 

Transportation related spatial information is provided by MassDOT GIS Services for all modes of travel throughout Massachusetts

MassDOT Highway Division Manuals and Publications 

Most of our manuals, publications, and forms are available online.

Chapter 90 Program 

Chapter 90 entitles cities and towns to receive reimbursements on approved projects. It is a 100% reimbursable program.

Commercial Truck Permits 

The MassDOT Highway Division has a web-based system to request Commercial Truck Permits. From oversize trucks to excess loads, your commercial truck may need a permit.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation 

MassDOT’s Office of Transportation Planning manages long-range bicycle and pedestrian planning, along with outreach and education.

Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP) 

Fixing Bridges, Doing Business Differently

Adopt-A-Highway Programs 

MassDOT offers programs that allow volunteer teams to help beautify state highways.

Bridge Lighting Requests  

MassDOT accepts special requests for lighting on 4 bridges.

CAD Standards 

The purpose of this CAD Standard is to standardize drawing information and improve electronic data sharing between MassDOT and consultants.

Complete Streets Funding Program 

A Complete Street is one that provides safe and accessible options for all travel modes - walking, biking, transit and vehicles – for people of all ages and abilities.

Crash Data 

Structured crash data available from the MassDOT Highway Division

Damage Caused by Roadway Defects 

We make every effort to take care of roadway issues, but it's not always possible to timely discover, clean up or make repairs. As a result, you may get a flat tire or incur other damage to your vehicle.

Highway Asset Management 

MassDOT's goal is to maximize the useful life of each asset through careful preservation, rehabilitation, and maintenance

Highway Layout Plans 

The Layout Section prepares and reviews layout plans and legal documents for setting the limits of State Highways.

Highway Logo Signs 

MassDOT allows supplemental and logo signs on our highways, such as those for tourist attractions, businesses, and colleges.

Highway Plans & Records 

The Plans & Records Office is responsible for the maintenance of historical and current engineering plans, and related documents.

Highway Safety 

State and federal highway safety programs, funding, and audits.

Highway Surveys 

The MassDOT Survey section includes a Boston Survey Office and Survey Departments in each District office.

Highway Utility Relocation 

MassDOT's Utility Section works with utility owners and contractors to coordinate utility relocation before construction.

HOV Lanes (Carpool Lanes) 

High-occupancy vehicle lanes are open to anyone carpooling with 2 or more passengers. You can use these lanes to cut down travel time during your commute.

Highway Construction Schedule Toolkit 

The toolkit helps the contracting community meet the requirements of the 8.02 schedule specification.

Highway Utility Relocation 

MassDOT's Utility Section works with utility owners and contractors to coordinate utility relocation before construction.

MassDOT Approved Fabricators 

Approved fabricators of metal bridges and metal highway components.

MassDOT Contract Price Adjustments 

MassDOT adjusts prices on certain contract bid items to provide fair compensation to contractors.

MassDOT Engineering Directives 

MassDOT issues engineering directives to introduce new engineering standards and procedures.

MassDOT Environmental Services 

The MassDOT Environmental Services Section works to support construction and maintenance activities and, where possible, enhance the environment.

MassDOT Highway Design Public Hearings 

MassDOT hosts public hearings to discuss upcoming and proposed construction projects.

MassDOT Highway Noise Abatement 

MassDOT's Highway Division has programs in place to manage highway noise pollution in the Commonwealth.

MassDOT Highway Plan Holders 

View plan holders for advertised construction projects

MassDOT Highway Project Management and Design 

MassDOT oversees roadway and bridge projects designed by in-house staff and consultant engineering companies.

MassDOT Highway Salt Remediation Program 

The Salt Remediation Program addresses complaints of salt impacts to drinking water caused by MassDOT winter maintenance operations.

MassDOT Qualified Traffic Control Equipment 

The Qualified Traffic Control Equipment (QTCE) list provides guidance on traffic control devices, traffic signal components, and other roadway safety products that are acceptable for use on State Highway and other MassDOT projects.

MassDOT Right of Way 

The MassDOT Right of Way Bureau coordinates acquisition of real property for state transportation projects.

MassDOT Specification for Retrofitting Diesel Equipment 

Detailed requirements and information for contractors operating non-road, diesel-powered construction equipment with more than 50 horsepower on MassDOT job sites.

MassDOT Speed Zoning 

It is our goal to provide means to promote safe and efficient traffic flow in the Commonwealth.

MassDOT Welder Certification 

MassDOT certifies field welders to work on bridges and other highway projects.

Municipal Small Bridge Program 

Program that provides financial support to cities and towns for small bridge replacement, preservation and rehabilitation projects.

Official Transportation Map 

The Official Massachusetts Transportation map is available for download or you can request a copy.

Outdoor Advertising and Signage 

The MassDOT Office of Outdoor Advertising is charged with regulating and controlling, the erection and maintenance of off-premise billboards, signs and other advertising devices in the Commonwealth.

Park and Ride 

As you decide how to commute to and from work everyday, consider using one of the many Park and Ride lots to carpool, vanpool, or ride the commuter bus.

Prequalification of Horizontal Construction Firms 

All construction firms must prequalify with MassDOT before bidding on public horizontal construction projects with an estimated value of $50,000 or more. This applies regardless of funding source.

Qualified Construction Materials List (QCML) 

List of materials qualified for use on MassDOT highway construction projects.

Road Flaggers and Police Detail 

MassDOT guidelines about the use of road flaggers and police details on highway projects.

Roadside Assistance 

If you’re broken down on the side of the road, roadside service can provide help when you need it the most.

Roadside Landscape Design 

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation Landscape Design Section provides design and guidance for preservation and restoration of the landscape of Massachusetts highways, streets, bridges, and shared use paths.

Roadway Safety Video 

Lead the way in promoting safe walking, bicycling, and driving behaviors across Massachusetts.

Safe Routes To School 

Providing safe places for children to walk and bike, starting with their trip to school

State Highway Access Permits 

The MassDOT Highway Division has a web-based system for the submission of Highway Access Permit requests. The system allows customers to submit applications electronically on a 24-7 basis.

The Big Dig 

Background information, logistics, and statistics for the Central Artery Project

Traffic Signs and Signals 

Signs and signals keep drivers safe and informed on the road

Traffic Volume and Classification 

A collection of historic traffic count data and guidelines for how to collect new data for MassDOT projects.

Travel Service Plazas & Tourist Information Centers 

MassDOT provides Travel Service Plazas and Tourist Information Centers along major highways in the Commonwealth.

Tunnel Safety 

Ongoing Steps Ensuring Safety of the Tunnel System

Winter Weather Driving 

Massachusetts is no stranger to winter weather. From learning how to shovel your driveway to learning about snow plows, make sure you are prepared for whatever may happen while on the road.