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Juvenile Court Department Forms & Resources 

Find forms and guidance for proceedings in the Juvenile Court

Middlesex Juvenile Court Virtual Counter 

Receive face-to-face assistance from court staff virtually while remaining in the safety of your own home.

Drug lab cases information 

Dookhan and Farak Case Hotline: 888-999-2881

Juvenile Court Rules and Standing Orders 

Rules and standing orders that govern practice before the Juvenile Court.

Child Requiring Assistance Cases 

Find out what will happen in court, who may be involved, and what your rights are as a parent, legal guardian, or custodian in a Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) case.

Courthouse Locator 

Find out which courts serve your city or town.

Section 35 in the Courts  

Find out what a Section 35 petition is, who can request one, who is eligible for one, and what treatment is like.

ADA Accessibility at the Courts 

Learn more about our accessibility policies and aids within the Courts.

Filing Financial Statements in the Courts 

Financial statements are used to help people in family law cases understand their financial situations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

The Massachusetts Trial Court offers alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to help parties settle cases without a trial.

Court Data, Metrics & Reports 

The Trial Court receives close to a million filings a year. The data collected allows for continuous improvements across the Court System.

Order the Audio of a Court Proceeding 

Learn how to request an audio recording of a court proceeding.