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File a Complaint of Discrimination 

If you believe you experienced discriminatory treatment, you may file a Complaint at any of our four MCAD offices.

MCAD Rules, Laws, Decisions and Reports 

Find all of the documents and publications related to the Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD).

Requesting Public Records from MCAD 

Learn how to request public records from the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

Training and Outreach 

MCAD offers numerous trainings on the law, free presentations for community groups, and speakers at events promoting fairness, equality, and inclusion.

Internships & Job Opportunities at the MCAD 

Opportunities to Get Involved at the MCAD

MCAD Public Hearings 

A Public Hearing is a formal proceeding where witnesses testify under oath before an MCAD Commissioner or their designee. The Hearing Commissioner or designee serves as the judge and reviews testimony and documents submitted at the hearing.