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Pesticide Examination and Licensing 

The Pesticide Program conducts the examination, licensing, and certification of pesticide applicators.

Agricultural Grants and Financial Assistance Programs 

MDAR offers various grants and funding programs for agricultural projects. This guide provides an overview of each grant. You can view more information about each program by clicking on the link in the description.

MDAR Boards and Commissions 

Our mission is to support, regulate, and promote the Commonwealth’s agricultural future is enhanced by the various boards and commissions upon which the Department draws expertise and guidance.

Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) Program 

Preserving and Protecting Agricultural Land

Massachusetts grown...and fresher Program 

Logo developed to identify Massachusetts grown products

Produce Safety Program 

Promoting, supporting, and regulating the safe production and marketing of fresh produce in Massachusetts.

Rights of Way Vegetation Management 

The Department has regulatory jurisdiction over herbicide application in rights-of-way (ROW) areas. 333 CMR 11.00 contains provisions for the use of herbicides as part of vegetation management in support of the functioning and use of ROWs.

Farmers Market Program 

The Farmers Market Program provides technical assistance to individuals and groups trying to start a Farmers Market and helps farmers find appropriate farmers markets to participate in.