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DCF policies 

The Department of Children and Families maintains this site to provide greater access to our policies and regulations.

DCF Office of the Ombudsman 

If you would like to discuss case concerns or ask questions about case practice and policy, please contact the Office of the Ombudsman

DCF Partners 

Many people work with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to help keep children safe and well.

Adolescent Services 

DCF is committed to providing adolescent services that encourage positive youth development and empowerment.

Department of Children & Families Public Records 

DCF has a designated RAO who will receive and respond to your public records requests.

Fair Hearing Unit 

The Fair Hearing Unit conducts Administrative Appeals regarding certain decisions made by the Department.

Resources for Parents with Disabilities 

Services and supports for parents and caregivers with disabilities

Adopting from DCF 

Adoption provides a permanent, supportive home for a child.

DCF Foster Care Review Volunteer 

You can volunteer your time to help foster children in the Commonwealth. Please review the information on these pages and consider becoming a foster care review volunteer.

Baby Safe Haven 

1-877-796-HOPE (4673) or 1-888-510-BABY (2229)

For DCF provider agencies 

DCF allows contacted provider agencies to access and enter data into its information technology system, i-FamilyNet.

Working at DCF 

The Department of Children and Families seeks dedicated child welfare professionals