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Information for Parolees 

You can learn about various aspects of being a parolee in Massachusetts here.

Parole Records and Hearings 

You can request public, personal, or client parole records depending on your authorization.

Parole Hearings 

There are three types of parole hearings: Institutional Hearings, Life Sentence Hearings, and Victim Access Hearings.

Parole Supervision 

The Field Services Division (FSD) is responsible for supervising and monitoring all inmates who have been released on parole by the Parole Board and/or via the Interstate Compact Office.

Victim Services  

The Victim Services Unit (VSU) provides statewide services to all victims of violent crimes whose offenders become parole eligible.

Executive Clemency 

As the Advisory Board of Pardons, the Massachusetts Parole Board reviews petitions for executive clemency and makes recommendations to the Governor regarding petitions.

Public Records Requests and MPB Annual Reports 

You can submit public, personal, or client records request, and access annual reports for the Massachusetts Parole Board.