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Available brochures, reports and publications of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
If you are 16 and older, MRC has many services to help you prepare for work, get a job, gain leadership skills and live on your own.
Describes all assistive technology services offered through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC).
MRC can help people with brain injuries live independently.
The Home Modification Loan Program provides no interest loans to modify the homes of adults and children with disabilities.
If you are a disabled adult, the Home Care Assistance Program(HCAP), may be able to provide homemaking services to maintain your independence at home.
If you have a disability, an Independent Living Center can help you live on your own or be more independent while living with others.
MRC can help you understand how working may affect your benefits.
Meeting the staffing needs of your business.
MRC has a designated RAO who will receive and respond to public records requests.
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