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Get a map 

You can create a map for any area across the state by adding map layers of your choice to OLIVER, or view a single-topic map. MassGIS also has many maps and web services at ArcGIS Online.

Get MassGIS data 

MassGIS provides a wide variety of GIS data layers that you can use in your own software and web map applications.

Check your 911 Grant Eligibility Status 

State 911 Department Support and Incentive Grant
Eligibility Requirements for Fiscal Year 2020

GIS services for municipalities 

A collection of GIS and mapping resources for Massachusetts municipalities. Other political subdivisions of the commonwealth may also participate.

MassGIS standards 

As the Commonwealth’s Bureau of Geographic Information, MassGIS has the formal legislatively assigned authority and mandate to set standards for the acquisition, management, and reporting of geographical information.