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Public Records and Transcript Requests 

Learn how to request public records from the Municipal Police Training Committee.

Request an Exemption or Temporary Waiver 

A person appointed to serve as a full-time police officer in Massachusetts may be granted an exemption, in whole or part, from the police academy training requirement in certain limited circumstances.

Highway Safety Training 

Highway Safety training in ARIDE, CRASH, DRE, SFST, SPEED MEASUREMENT.

Become a Police Officer 

Entry-level police training for full-time and part-time police officers in Massachusetts.

Committee Meeting Minutes 

Public meeting minutes of MPTC [Committee] meetings.

In-Service Training Schedules 

Training Year 19 - 20 In-Service training requirement for all sworn municipal, University of Massachusetts and environmental police officers (full-time and reserve/intermittent).

Legal Issues Updates 

Updates for cases and legislation that affect policing in Massachusetts

Harbormaster Training Council 

The Harbormaster Training Council sets policies and standards for training harbormasters throughout the Commonwealth.

Medical Oversight and Education 

The Municipal Police Training Committee receives medical oversight for the training provided to the Commonwealth’s police officers.

Specialized Training 

The MPTC offers focused training to veteran officers, which ranges from one day to several weeks. This training is provided for patrol officers, detectives and supervisors, including chiefs of police, and is designed to address training needs.

Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit (SAECK) Tracking System 

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts works with health care and law enforcement agencies to maintain a sexual assault evidence collection kit tracking system accessible to survivors.