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File a consumer complaint 

Are you having a problem with a business? File a complaint with the Attorney General's Office (AGO).

File a workplace complaint 

If you think that an employer did not follow workplace laws, you may file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office (AGO).

File a civil rights complaint 

If you believe a company, business, organization has violated your rights, you can file a civil rights complaint with the Civil Rights Division of the Attorney General's Office.

Contact the Attorney General’s Office 

The Attorney General's Office is able to help address a broad range of issues. Find the best way to contact the office for the matter you would like addressed.

Community Engagement 

Find Attorney General's Office events in your city or town and learn about the work of the Community Engagement Division.

Wage and Hour Laws 

Massachusetts wage and hours laws say how, when, and how much workers must be paid. These laws also give workers the right to time off work and the right to know information about their employment.

Jobs and Internships at the Attorney General's Office 

Explore employment and internship opportunities available in the Attorney General's Office and consider joining us in the important work we do.

Grant Opportunities at the Attorney General's Office 

Learn about and apply for grants from the Attorney General's Office.

Bureaus at the Attorney General's Office 

Learn about the different bureaus at the Attorney General's Office.

Public Records Requests at the Attorney General's Office 

Learn how to request public records.

The Open Meeting Law 

Learn about the Open Meeting Law or report a violation with the Attorney General's Division of Open Government.

Massachusetts Equal Pay Law 

A new Massachusetts Equal Pay Law went into effect on July 1, 2018. Learn about employer responsibilities and your rights under this law.

Contact the Attorney General’s Office 

The Attorney General's Office is able to help address a broad range of issues. Find the best way to contact the office for the matter you would like addressed.

Resources for Elders at the Attorney General’s Office 

The Attorney General’s Office can help with elder issues including financial exploitation, scam prevention, long-term care, housing, and more.

Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Division 

The Medicaid Fraud Division investigates and prosecutes health care providers who defraud the Massachusetts Medicaid program. File a medicaid fraud complaint to report fraud to the division.

Game Change: The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership 

Begun in 2015, the Game Change program has trained thousands of students across Massachusetts.

Brownfields Covenant Not to Sue Program  

Are you interested in obtaining a Brownfields Covenant Not to Sue Agreement from the Attorney General’s Office? Please review the information below.

The Attorney General's Cyber Crimes Division 

The Cyber Crime Division investigates and prosecutes complex criminal cases involving digital evidence and consults on criminal matters involving technology. If you would like to report a cyber crime, please file a criminal bureau request for review.

The Attorney General's Criminal Bureau 

File a request for review with the Criminal Bureau at the Attorney General's Office, and learn more about the work of the different divisions in the bureau.

Manufactured Housing 

Learn about manufactured housing laws and regulations.

Open Data Sets from the Attorney General's Office 

The Attorney General’s Office provides several open data sets related to work done across the office.

Government Resources at the Attorney General's Office 

The Attorney General’s Office provides numerous services to residents and state agencies related to the regular functioning of government.

Massachusetts Victims of Violent Crime Compensation 

If you, a family member or a loved one has been the victim of a violent crime, you can fill out an application with the Victim Compensation Division of the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office.

Reporting Data Breaches 

Learn the steps to take if the personal information of Massachusetts residents that you own or license has been compromised by a data breach.

Resources for Veterans and Servicemembers 

The Attorney General's Office provides resources to help veterans and service members with consumer and legal issues.

Professional Solicitors Reports 

Find current and past reports from the Attorney General's Office on Professional Solicitation in Massaschusetts.

Public bidding 

Find information about challenging public works construction and building construction contracts under competitive bidding laws.

Enforcing the Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban 

Learn about the Assault Weapons Ban Enforcement Notice issued by the Attorney General's Office on July 20, 2016.

Protecting Civil Rights 

The Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division enforces and protects the civil rights and liberties of all people in Massachusetts.

Protections for Immigrant Communities 

Learn about protections for immigrants in Massachusetts.

Protecting the Rights of People with Disabilities 

The Attorney General’s Office enforces federal and state laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities.

Your Car, Your Rights 

You are protected when it comes to buying, owning, and repairing your car. If you have been cheated, the Attorney General’s Office may be able to help.

Fighting Human Trafficking 

Learn more about the work of the Human Trafficking Division at the Attorney General's Office, and how to get in contact.

Employers Against Sex Trafficking (EAST)  

Join Attorney General Maura Healey and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's initiative to reduce demand for the purchase of illegal sex. Learn more about the project's partners.

Information for existing charities 

Find forms and information from the Attorney General's Office Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities division.

Soliciting charitable funds 

Learn more about the rules and regulations that guide soliciting charitable funds in Massachusetts.

Donating to a Charity 

Learn more about donating to a charity, including the different items that can be donated and potential deceptive behaviors to watch out for.

Health Care Resources at the Attorney General’s Office 

The Attorney General’s Office enforces health care laws to protect the rights of people in Massachusetts and to stop unfair or deceptive practices by insurers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Working Under 18 

The Attorney General’s Office enforces youth employment (child labor) laws that protect workers under 18.

Get Consumer Support 

Do you have a problem with a business? The Attorney General's Office can help.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis 

Attorney General Maura Healey is combating the opioid epidemic on multiple fronts. Learn more about the Attorney General's Office's efforts.

Mass. NECC Program 

Find information about the Mass. NECC Program and the Program application.

Fair Housing Law 

Discrimination in housing is against the law. Learn more about housing rights and responsibilities.

Learn About the National Do Not Call Registry  

The National Do Not Call Registry is managed by the Federal Trade Commission and can help stop telemarketing calls.

The Attorney General's Gaming Enforcement Division 

The Attorney General's Gaming Enforcement Division enforces the Expanded Gaming Act of 2011 and investigates and prosecutes illegal activity such as gaming-related financial crime, organized crime, corruption, and money laundering.

Avoiding Identity Theft 

Learn about how you can avoid identity theft.

Protecting Yourself if Your Identity is Stolen 

Learn about what to do to protect yourself if your identity is stolen.

Equifax Data Breach 

Equifax, a credit reporting agency, reported a massive data breach on September 7, 2017. Learn more about how to protect yourself from financial fraud and identity theft.

Municipal Law Review 

Learn about the Attorney General's Municipal Law Unit and find all necessary forms for submitting by-laws to the Attorney General's Office for review.

Student Loan Assistance 

Are you struggling to afford your student loans? Are you having problems with a student loan servicer or debt collector? The Ombudsman's Student Loan Assistance Unit may be able to help.

Competitive Electric Supply 

The Attorney General’s Office has found that Massachusetts residential consumers pay high rates for competitive electric supply. Learn more about the competitive electric supply market and find resources to help with questions or problems.

Keeping Your Utilities On 

In Massachusetts, there are rules that control when and if your utilities can be shut off. There are also programs that can help you pay your utility bills if you qualify for assistance.

Non-Profit Hospital and HMO Community Benefits 

Find information and guidance on the planning and development of community benefits from hospitals and HMOs. If you have any questions about the Community Benefits Guidelines or reporting site, please reach out to

Filing Initiative Petitions 

Initiative petitions, a type of ballot question, are filed with the Attorney General’s Office.

Open Meeting Law Advisory Commission  

Find minutes, notices, and reports related to the Open Meeting Law Advisory Commission.

Public Construction 

Find information about prevailing wage and public bidding laws.

Understanding Debt and Credit 

Managing your credit and debt can set you up for economic success. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities with tips from the Attorney General's Office.

Emergency Planning Guide for Families 

Parents with uncertain immigration status may be concerned about the care and custody of their children in the event of sudden detention or deportation by federal immigration officials. The following guides have legal options to consider.

Mortgage Lending and Foreclosures 

Find information and answers to frequently asked questions from the Attorney General's Office. If you are having an issue with your mortgage lender you can file a complaint with our Consumer Advocacy and Response Division.

Project Here: Substance Use Prevention Education 

Project Here is making substance use prevention resources available to every public middle school in Massachusetts. Learn more about Project Here and how to register your school to participate.

Complaints and Enforcement 

File a complaint with the Fair Labor Division or learn more about its enforcement actions.

Workplace Publications and Other Resources 

View and download workplace posters and other publications, read statutes and regulations, and find links to other useful resources.

Prevailing Wage Enforcement 

Workers on public works projects must be paid a minimum hourly rate called the "prevailing wage."

Information for Tobacco and Nicotine Retailers and Manufacturers 

The Attorney General's Office enforces tobacco and nicotine control laws and the Master Settlement Agreement.

Preventing E-Cigarette and Tobacco Use by Young People 

The Attorney General’s Office is committed to the enforcement of tobacco and nicotine control laws, including e-cigarette laws, and preventing youth access to these products.

The Role of School Resource Officers in Massachusetts 

A model memorandum of understanding provides guidance to police and schools on the role of school resource officers.

Attorney General's Neighborhood Renewal Division 

Blighted properties, abandoned by their owners in residential areas, create safety hazards, attract crime, and lower property values. The Attorney General's Neighborhood Renewal Division can help turn these properties around.