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BabySteps Savings Plan 

A new college savings program arriving to the Commonwealth in 2020.

Digital Financial Education is a digital learning experience that provides money management strategies and tools that can help guide you through each stage of life.

Internships at the Office of Economic Empowerment 

The Office of Economic Empowerment’s interns are tasked with supporting OEE staff with the department’s overall mission, communications, and administrative needs.

Economic Empowerment for Women 

The Office of Economic Empowerment provides a number of programs geared toward women of the Commonwealth. These cover financial literacy, wage equality, and more.

Economic Empowerment for Students 

Our office organizes initiatives for students of the state, including college savings programs and educational fairs.

Economic Empowerment for Veterans 

Service members and their families face unique personal financial challenges. We offer support for those affected by those challenges.

Economic Empowerment for Seniors 

Our workshops are designed to inform older adults about ways to prevent financial exploitation and manage personal finances.

Financial Literacy Task Force 

The Financial Literacy Task Force was created to complete a comprehensive study of access to financial education in Massachusetts and studied three key demographic groups: K-12 students, college students, and adults.

Economic Empowerment Trust Fund 

The goal of the Economic Empowerment Trust Fund is to promote the long-term economic security and stability of all Massachusetts residents.

Public Records Requests to the Treasury 

At the Massachusetts State Treasury, we are dedicated to the transparency of our work.